You don’t need to be an ‘influencer’ to scale a 6 figure business

You can have influence no matter the size of your following. The assumption that you need to have tens of thousands followers on Instagram to scale and sell on social media is false. Followers do not equal sales.

Isabella Sanchez, Mexican business coach says: “I built a half-million dollar business in sales with 2,500 followers on Instagram and an email list of 500 people. I am the living proof that you don’t need a huge social media profile to sell.”

Sanchez specialises in helping life & wellness coaches sell high-ticket with a small audience. She believes it is all about energy first and strategy second. There is no amount of strategy that can make up for the lack of passion and energetic misalignment, and that’s why some people’s businesses skyrocket and some stay stuck in limbo.

“What makes me different is my leadership, my passion and energy and which are the things that make people want to work with me,” Sanchez says.

We interviewed Sanchez and asked her a few ‘Get to Know’ questions that we were dying to ask her:

What makes you unique to other business coaches?

I built a half-million dollar business in sales with 2500 followers on Instagram and an email list of 500 people. No ads, no website, no complicated funnels, just organic selling.

What is your story?

I started as a life coach back in 2016 on YouTube. I was incredibly passionate about empowering other women so my channel grew fast to 30k subscribers, but even though I had all those followers and was a certified coach, I was making ZERO dollars. YouTube flew me to NYC to a huge event with all these big YouTubers, everything seemed amazing but I just couldn’t monetize my audience, people loved me but didn’t want to pay me. I even remember being at this event and I took a photo with Tom Hanks and some big YouTubers and I was like “wow, if they just knew that I have a negative balance in my bank account.” Fast forward a couple years, I left that business behind and started everything from scratch: just a new IG account and that’s it. 7 months later I crossed the 6 figure mark because I focused on what matters: solving problems, mastering sales, focusing on one thing at the time and mindset work.

What do you focus on as a business coach?

Positioning and authority building, high ticket sales and leadership/mindset. Speaking will be one of my major focus points in 2021.

Tell us how you got to be a 6 figure earner, what is your business journey?

I hit 6 figures in 7 months in this specific business but I actually started trying to become an entrepreneur since 2012 so it’s almost a decade in the making — FAR from an overnight success. When I offered my first coaching service I charged $25 dollars for a two hour session and people told me it was too much. As my life coaching business and YouTube channel in Mexico City started to work out people started becoming very interested in HOW, and wanted me to coach them in marketing. So in 2017 I started taking a couple of marketing/biz clients on the side. In 2018 my husband and I moved to the US and I decided to start my business coaching from scratch and officially did in April 2019 and 7 months later we made 100K.

What services do you offer?

Wealthy Coach Mastermind: mastermind for female entrepreneurs making 5K wanting to scale to 15–20K/month with ease.

Abundant Coach Blueprint: 90 day mentorship for life and wellness coaches to stand out and sign high ticket clients with a small audience.

Private Coaching for women already making 6 figures.

Tell us about your lifestyle

Working hard is a scam, I wholeheartedly believe in consistency and discipline and doing the work but I also believe working harder, grinding, hustling to exhaustion is not the answer to building your dream life so I live in a balance. I’m not all energetics or all hustle, I’m both.

What is your biggest and best tip to those online coaches wanting to scale in 2021?

Create a high ticket coaching package and sell it out. FOCUS on that until you master your messaging and then expand from there.

Follow @theisabellasanchez on Instagram to get all the latest tips on how you can scale your online business in 2021.




Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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Michelle Whiting

Michelle Whiting

Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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