Yash Shah — Building & Scaling Profitable E-Commerce Businesses On Shopify

Michelle Whiting
3 min readSep 13, 2022

Yash helps small & medium-sized E-Commerce businesses craft and implement effective marketing strategies to rapidly grow their business and increase ROI.

Over the past four years, he has been able to build and scale multiple E-Commerce businesses utilizing social media marketing; specifically through Facebook, Instagram & TikTok advertising.

The one thing that has moved him forward the most in the past years is investing in himself, whether that means coaching or mentoring. Every investment he made 10x’ed his growth and opened up a multitude of opportunities ahead of him. He strives to do the same for current and aspiring online business owners.

What does your business do in a nutshell? (30-second elevator pitch go).

Yash: I run and operate a boutique Digital Marketing Agency called StraightLine Media, where we work with small & medium-sized online businesses. We mainly provide services such as media buying on platforms like Facebook & TikTok, website build-out and revamping, and also social media management.

I also consult & coach beginner, intermediate, and advanced people in the game. My coaching program is called ‘E-Comm Masterminds Incubator’

Lastly, in the past few years, I’ve scaled multiple Shopify store’s to multi 6 & 7 figures utilizing different organic & paid avenues of social media marketing.

What does a typical day in life do?

Yash: A typical day of mine varies depending on the load of work, and pending tasks I have on the table. Some days are more rigorous and busy than others of course.

The norm includes going to the gym, eating healthy foods, taking cold showers, meditating, reading, watching YouTube, and listening to podcasts.

Business-wise, it would include hopping on calls with team members, partners, clients, and prospects. It would also include admin work such as answering emails, organizing my calendar, etc. A lot of the time I’ll be strategizing in terms of marketing & advertising for new and current brands.

If there is one thing you have to get done in a day what is it and why? (If you are struggling you can mention the top 3 things).

Yash: Meditating for sure. This is something I strive to do every single day after I take my cold shower.

A clear, focused, calm and collective mind wins at the end of the day. I believe how you do one thing, is how you do everything. Your thoughts turn into your beliefs, your beliefs turn into your actions, and ultimately your actions define your character.

Meditating allows me to not only reflect, but to stay grounded, and light-hearted even in times of stress & challenges.

What has been the best advice you have ever received?

Yash: Preparation is when luck meets opportunity. Put yourself in such a position every single day — meaning work towards your goal(s) every day…eventually, it’ll lead you to meet the right people and be in the right place at the right time…where you’ll be granted that opportunity.

Who are your mentors and inspiration? and what knowledge or insight did they give to you that was valuable?

Yash: As someone who emigrated to the United States in his early 20s, my father would definitely be one of my mentors and inspirations.

More so, it’s the roots and values he implanted during my upbringing that I appreciate him for. He is someone who always shows courage in the face of fear and taught me never to be complacent.

Furthermore, to understand the value of money…to really understand the value of every single dollar. As a business owner himself, he’s always supported me from the start of this path of entrepreneurship — which we all know is the path less taken. He’s given me support and strength every step of the way fortunately which I am immensely grateful for.



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