The Top 10 Fitness Coaches To Watch in 2021

In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, anxiety and stress, taking care of your physical and mental well-being is more important than ever.

Fitness is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle, allowing you to become physically stronger and strengthen your mental resilience. With restrictions in place across the globe, it has become very hard for people to find a fitness routine that will work for them. Whether you want to get stronger, slimmer, in contest shape or just overall better health and fitness, it can often be difficult to find the motivation and guidance to get results on your own, especially during these times. This is the benefit of having a great fitness coach on hand. Each with their own unique element and style of coaching, here we present the 10 leading fitness coaches who are doing things differently to grow their clients physical and mental stamina.

With a knack for comedy unlike most, Zac Perna has risen to the forefront of the fitness industry through his impressive physique, world class YouTube skits and elite-level coaching. Understanding that in order to succeed online you need to be different, Zac personifies what it means to be a true entertainer, breaking the mould of the traditional fitness coach. With sponsorships from industry-leading brands including Gymshark and EHP Labs, Zac’s work ethic and high standards have set him a level above the rest. His unique approach not only applies to his content, but to his coaching as well. Offering comprehensive programs for all fitness levels and with his own app that his clients can track and monitor their programs and diet plans, Zac has been able to deliver consistent results time and time again — which is why he is one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry. Zac’s standout personality is a breath of fresh air in an incredibly competitive industry and if you’re looking for a coach who will get you in shape and make you laugh; Zac has the knowledge and breadth of experience to get you there.

A contest prep coach renowned for creating bikini pro’s, Melbourne based Troy Thornton has built a name for himself as one of the go-to female bodybuilding coaches. With an extensive list of clients from all over the world, Troy is highly sought-after by many leading athletes. Doing things his own way, Troy brings passion into his work and shows his clients a way they never thought of, which is testament to the incredible results he’s been able to help them achieve. With years of experience in the sport of bodybuilding himself, Troy knows exactly what it takes to get into incredible shape, and ultimately win competitions. With a large and loyal following on social media, he has taken an all round approach to build relationships with his clients and audience, which has only helped to propel his growth. Troy understands that true results are only achievable when both the athlete and coach work hard, and his desire for his clients to succeed are as great as their own.

Starting his career as a personal trainer, Australian-born Michael Italiano has spent the last 3 years on the Formula One circuit as the Performance Coach for driver Daniel Ricciardo. Wanting to share his knowledge and make a difference in the lives of more than just one individual, Michael has created his own company, Michael Italiano Coaching, operating as a global fitness platform. Whether beginner or professional athlete, all clients receive individually tailored programs to suit their lifestyles that can be done at home, aided by audio cues and videos to assist with form.

The programs can be adapted based upon personal progress and equipment needs, and will soon be accompanied by the company’s highly anticipated online platform, featuring programs and nutrition advice from other global health and fitness experts. The hardest part about any person’s fitness journey is remaining accountable and motivated, which is why Michael has also created a private Facebook community where members can ask questions, engage with and encourage each other whilst benefitting from premium coaching content. “Not everyone’s fitness journey is the same. Each has a different story. Challenges arise, setbacks occur, but through this we learn to conquer and to grow. Our mission is to join our clients on their personal journey and to help shape their story,” says Michael. Michael has used his health and fitness experience to take his coaching skills from motorsport racing to allowing individuals to thrive by giving them every tool they need to achieve their goals and tell their own story.

There aren’t many ripped, six-pack wielding female coaches over 50 out there, but Maria Woolglar Blacutt certainly is one of them. A seasoned professional, Maria has been a fitness trainer for the past 25 years, and has seen and done it all. Having worked with all age groups, both sexes, special needs groups, and in different languages and countries no less, Maria made the switch to online coaching 2 years ago. Now operating her own coaching business, StrongMariaStrong, Maria teaches people how to become leaner, fitter, and stronger, and most importantly, how to stay that way! Maria is unique in that she’s a fitness influencer that inspires others through her age, physique and the lifestyle she leads. Now specialising in training others to be strong fit and sexy at any age, particularly women 40 years and over, this is certainly true. “I love that my business helps people to feel confident about their body, to love themselves and to hold themselves high,” says Maria.

Morgan Self, the woman behind Coach Morgan, has built her fitness lifestyle coaching business which is owned and operated by women, for women. Coach Morgan provides one-on-one mentoring services to help women reach their body and lifestyle goals without any restrictive dieting. Morgan prides herself on leading an amazing team of female co-coaches, to deliver unmatched support, accountability, and guidance so their clients can continually achieve and sustain their results. Coach Morgan not only guides women to reach their body goals with a customized nutrition and exercise strategy, but gives them the tools and resources to sustain those results forever. They educate each woman who comes through the mentorship program on how to manage her body and overcome any obstacle, so she never has to rely on a program or product ever again. Coach Morgan does not withhold any information or knowledge from the women they mentor in order to properly guide, educate, and empower them to manage their own body, and be confident in their own abilities to continue on their healthy lifestyle journey and sustain their body goals forever.

A true student of the fitness game with a passion for excellence unlike most, Vivek Bhattarchargee climbed his way through the natural bodybuilding ranks, achieving what most only dream of — a professional card. Living and breathing bodybuilding and fitness from a young age, Vivek has been involved in the sport of bodybuilding from every angle: competitor, coach and show promoter. With a double degree in sports coaching and exercise science, his knowledge of the human body is testament to the amazing client results he’s been able to achieve over and over again — for over 400 tailored clients and over 50 contest clients. Quickly making a name for himself in his young career, he scored himself elusive sponsorships from companies like ANS Performance and GAT Nutrition. Now, pouring all his energy into his 4 businesses and helping his clients achieve their dream physiques, Vivek is a true body transformation expert. Having won multiple fitness shows throughout his career himself, Vivek embodies what it is to be an elite athlete and inspires his clients to do the same.

With a long term and sustainable approach to fitness and nutrition, Tristan Tross helps his clients achieve their dream physique — while eating the foods they love. Understanding that exercise can feel like a chore for some, Tristan aims to make it as enjoyable as possible and integrate it as a part of their lifestyle, as he knows that they’re more likely to stick to it long term. Tristan’s comprehensive approach to his craft has seen him incorporate habit-building processes for his clients, to make staying in shape become automatic and effortless. “I not only give you a plan, but I explain everything about why we do certain things and how it will benefit you. If living a fitness lifestyle becomes habitual to you, you will never have to think about it that hard and it becomes autonomous and a part of you that you continue on for life” Tristan explains”. Rather than use the run-of-the-mill fad diets with a restrictive approach, Tristan knows that the “hardcore” approach is unsustainable and unenjoyable, through his own experiences. Tristan views success for his clients as not only short term results, but maintaining and progressing results well into the future.

Sigi Fisher, founder of The Ladies Strength Department, is passionate about helping you shape a sustainable living body that is based on science and not trends. Through her own experiences with an eating disorder and back injuries, Sigi discovered an effective and long-lasting approach to becoming the fittest and healthiest version of herself, which gave her the body freedom she had been searching for by trying endless other tactics. As she learned to listen and respect her body, Sigi realised that she needed to share this method with others. “What I do is actually quite simple. I help women discover their strongest self by providing a science-backed, holistic approach to physical and mental wellness that will last a lifetime,” Sigi says. Sigi does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why she provides the everyday woman with one-on-one online coaching and mentoring sessions, where she teaches the fundamentals of strength training, nutritional guidelines and mindset methods for life changing results. “It’s all about what works for you, which means doing not what is easiest or instant, but what is right,” she says. She promises her 90-day program will see you become your strongest and healthiest self, and be constantly supported by a women’s community who are all on the same journey. A self-professed multi goal-digger, Sigi is here to help you do the same and discover your strongest self through the power of nutrition, training, mindset, lifestyle and stress management.

With a value-centred approach to his work, Hayden Egerton, founder of Resilience Rehab, is an Exercise Physiologist who specialises in musculo-skeletal rehabilitation and athletic performance. Having worked with professional sporting teams both as a rehabilitation specialist and strength and conditioning coach, he has a breadth of knowledge and experience far beyond his years. His passion for rehabilitation and performance came from his own injuries that he battled as an elite rugby player, which is why he is now dedicated to helping others build robust, ‘resilient’ and capable bodies — so they can move and function optimally. His qualifications as an Exercise Physiologist also enable him to treat a wide variety of other conditions, including cardiopulmonary, metabolic, neurological, cancer and mental health. Hayden is not just a coach to his clients, but their friend — ready to pick up their calls or respond to their message at any time of day. His honesty and passion for helping people make him unique in his own right, and the way his clients like to describe him is: “No gimmicks, no fads. Just evidence based hard work, with a bunch of laughs along the way.”

The Meet-You-Where-You-Are Transformation Coach Olivia Gunzad, helps women to create an approach to fitness that works for them — all the while living their life to the fullest, eating the foods they drool over and having the results they’ve dreamed of. Starting out giving free advice and mentoring to many who reached out to her, it wasn’t until Olivia started working as a Fitness Director at a gym, that she realised her passion — working 1:1 with clients and building relationships.

Discovering where her passion lied, she became fully certified and founded her online coaching business in 2019, where she meets women where they are in their journey, creating them each a fully individualized approach, tailored especially to their lifestyle, all while welcoming them into a community of like-minded women to help support and encourage them on their journey. “I work alongside women to help them create the schedule that works for their lifestyle while implementing actions proven by science, to create massive transformation on a holistic level” Olivia explains. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed with the one-size-fits-all programs, The Livefit method is your answer to stepping into your highest self to have your journey and your results be a win-win — for real this time.

Fitness is essential for a healthy & happy life, and should be enjoyed by all. If you don’t know where to start, look no further than these incredible coaches. Make sure to go and follow them as they continue to transform lives through their fitness knowledge.



Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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Michelle Whiting

Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.