The 5 Mompreneurs to Watch in 2022

Michelle Whiting
6 min readApr 13, 2022

With more and more females breaking into the world of entrepreneurship, there is one thing that becomes inevitable: more Mompreneurs. Women all around the world are breaking the mould more than ever, taking control of their lives and destiny through the vehicle of entrepreneurship.

Despite what people may think, mompreneurs don’t take their foot off the gas once they’ve had kids — many push even harder, as they know the livelihood of their kids depends on them. Mompreneurs play an enormous role in the future of female entrepreneurship, paving the way for the next generation. Each with their own unique businesses and areas of expertise, here we present 5 mompreneurs to watch in 2022.

Whitney Cicero

Passionate mompreneur Whitney Cicero is the founder of Whink Creative Agency, an influencer agency like no other that works solely for brands. Whitney has created a fresh, hands-on boutique approach and her agency specialises in helping big brands find niche influencers to get a boost on social media.

Whink Creative Agency has become very popular among brands such as See’s Candies. Not just because they have an amazing roster of influencer talent, but also because they save brands over 70% in influencer rates. One of the things that define this agency, according to Whitney, is that they do the heavy lifting for brands.

The team behind Whink Creative Agency handles the task of seeking the perfect influencer for brands. Additionally, they help clients manage the ever-changing social landscape so their efforts can be successful. Every aspect of the campaign is managed by experts so brands can enjoy fresh content and improve their marketing channels.

Whitney has created an agency without comparison and she’s truly innovating the industry with her services. Whink Creative Agency acts as an in-house influencer marketing team for brands that are ready to explode on social media. Essentially, they become the dedicated staff that will handle all aspects of influencer marketing. This way, brands can elevate their strategies and enjoy the best possible outcomes.

Siri Buskes

Successful and inspiring mompreneur Siri Buskes is the founder of Siri The Agency, which is dedicated to providing web design and marketing services. She turned her agency into a 6-figure business within a year, all while being a working-from-home mom. Siri doesn’t only offer a wide range of valuable services, she also shares her knowledge by offering access to her Free Resource Vault.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and web design, Siri is able to cover clients’ bases very well. Whether that’s website design and development, email marketing, graphic design, copywriting, SEO, and more, she provides effective solutions to elevate clients’ businesses.

Since the start of COVID-19, Siri The Agency has helped over 170 businesses in 11 different countries. One of the many things that set Siri apart is her love for the fast-paced tech world and her dedication to constant upskilling, which allow her to offer perfect solutions. Siri’s services are accessible, approachable, and affordable, and she doesn’t gatekeep her insight.

Her Free Resource Vault is bursting with actionable tips, helpful resources, and free advice. The main focus of Siri The Agency is to help female small business owners, startups, solopreneurs, and mompreneurs thrive. To achieve that goal, Siri provides tailored solutions, unmatched value, transparent pricing, and aftercare to all her clients.

Eve Keil

Is it time for your outer career woman to reclaim her inner self-worth and power? Then it is time to reach out to Eve Keil. Founder of EK Coaching, Eve has dedicated herself to helping women free themselves from the toxic relationships they have developed with themselves and with others in their lives.

Focused on discovering and maximizing women’s unique talents and strengths, Eve draws upon her skills as an ICF Certified Leadership Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, and Certified Master Coach Practitioner.

“Women grow up in a culture that can cause us to feel undervalued, unseen, and unheard,” says Eve.

“Women are capable of so much more than we think. Instead of settling and making ourselves seem smaller, we need to empower ourselves to live a life full of CONFIDENCE, PURPOSE, and LOVE.”

Striving to break the cycle, Eve is leading by example when it comes to taking back one’s inner power. The passion with which Eve approaches her work and personal life allows her to be seen as a role model for all women at any stage in their career and in every aspect of their lives.

Aisha Lloyd-Minnis

Successful mompreneur, author, book coach, and founder of a publishing company, there’s nothing Aisha Lloyd-Minnis can’t accomplish in her field. Additionally, she is the proud mother of Andreas Minnis, who also became an author at the early age of 8 years old. He was inspired by her mother’s first book, which she wrote after the death of his nana.

At that moment, he decided he wanted to write about his relationship with his father and his first book got a lot of publicity in his hometown, Nassau, Bahamas. After this success, Andreas couldn’t wait to start writing his second book and that’s exactly what he did. However, Andreas’ journey as an author hasn’t been easy. The bullying he experienced at school got really bad and he lost his confidence.

He scraped his second book idea and stopped doing the things he loved just to fit in. When Aisha relocated from the Bahamas to New Orleans, LA in 2021, things changed. At this time, she welcomed a baby girl, Autumn, and she released her third book. Additionally, she started hosting writing groups and Andreas became her assistant. He quickly fell back into his passion and he released his second book in early June called “Joshua Holt and the Bully”, effectively reclaiming his confidence.

For Aisha, this was an intensely inspiring moment. She realised the positive impact of sharing her story and teaching others to write. As a result, she decided to launch a faith-based publishing and consultancy company. It specialises in guiding aspiring authors, including children, through the process of writing, publishing, and marketing their books. Aisha leverages over 20 years of experience and a passion for helping authors find their confidence and achieve their dreams.

Jessie Harris Bouton

Jessie Harris Bouton is a former race car driver turned entrepreneur, author, podcaster, sought-after speaker and mom of 5. Jessie’s mission with her work is to help women turn their calling into a career. Jessie is known for keeping it real, and is an expert at the strategies needed to fast track your journey to standing out online, and ultimately making money while you sleep.

After getting off the hamster wheel of entrepreneurship herself, Jessie is now obsessed with helping other mompreneurs break free from the daily hustle and grind. “It’s my mission to help ambitious freedom-fighting mamas, create a business that runs on autopilot so they can live a life more in tune with their dreams. I believe in having a business that works FOR you, not the other way around” Jessie explains.

Jamie takes away the guesswork of how to make money online, and equips you with the exact tools to do better and crack the code of the Millionaire Mompreneurs, to ultimately live the freedom lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. If you want to stop trading your time for money and be the queen of your life and business, look no further than Jessie.

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