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Michelle Whiting
3 min readDec 4, 2020

Brooke Collins is a wellness coach certified through the Health Coach Institute that elevates the lives of the people she touches through her holistic, goal-based methodology, allowing people to find the self acceptance, confidence and love for themselves that they have been held back from. Her developmental coaching style leans on the idea that anybody can build themselves up into a better person by training themselves like one would train at the gym; setting aside the time and intention to work towards a goal, habit or lifestyle change that benefits them, and learning to enjoy the process of long-term development over instant gratification and quick fixes. Specializing in the empowerment of women who have given up on their dreams, feel insecure about a feature or aspect of their life, or who are tired of seeking external validation, Brooke excels at helping these women grow into themselves so that they can step into the future confidently and on the path to achieving their goals.

The source of Brooke’s power to influence and cultivate the growth of people from many unique situations is that Brooke was and is her own client. She suffered through a traumatic childhood with the loss of her sister to cancer at age 13, shattering her world and her confidence, and setting her up for a tough journey through her adolescence and twenties. Her everyday life was filled with feelings of inadequacy, fear of being a burden, abuse of alcohol and numbing herself while she suffered through an abusive relationship, thinking that she was doing it for her daughter and scared that she wouldn’t be strong enough to make it out.

The perspective provided from hitting rock bottom, and the unconditional support of her close friend helped her to understand that she was better than her circumstances, and allowed her to take the steps necessary for healing and growth.

Brooke’s journey took her through the 12 Steps recovery program, motivational speaking to other recovering addicts, and speaking at corporate events about reclaiming a sense of self value, developing work-life balance and empowering women to reach beyond their perceived limits. 5 years and hundreds of clients worth of experience to draw from, Brooke stands proudly at the top of her mountain of trials and accomplishments; sharing her wealth of experience and abundance of love and support to all who seek a better version of themselves.

The programs and services Brooke offers on her website are tailor-made for each individual client’s needs. She helps her clients to identify their personal goals and provides the framework for them to feel safe, understood and inspired to move forward and overcome the challenges holding them back. Her 90 Day Wellness programs provide a constant support and accountability cycle that gives clients the structure and guidance necessary to learn about, challenge and grow the self love and confidence they deserve. The single Clarity sessions offer a solution for those who don’t want to commit to a longer program, are already on their own path and need guidance or perspective on a specific issue, or those who are looking for a quick ‘developmental workout’ for their journey. Brooke even offers leadership coaching for those looking to push themselves forward within the corporate sphere.

Brooke’s abundance of experience is also available for free on her YouTube channel, and her recently launched podcast: “Desperately Seeking Self” available on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher, and other podcast providers

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