Sara Wiles Is The Killer Virtual Assisting Trainer Showing You How To Create A Profitable Business On Part Time Hours

Our time is valuable, but the corporate world would have you believe otherwise. Working on someone else’s clock and being a mindless email machine is the reality that many entrepreneurial spirited business women face, especially when they’re juggling a growing family while getting no room to breathe from their day job.

This too was expert Virtual Assistant Trainer and Online Business Mentor Sara Wiles’ lifestyle, until she finally had enough and decided to forge a new path for herself. Overwhelmed from the mounting stress of being absent from her baby’s life, Sara was determined to create a better lifestyle that enabled her to generate value for herself and others while still allowing her to be a great mother and partner.

Little did Sara know that not long after her first steps into the VA world, she would be helping hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs to build their own profitable, balanced and sustainable businesses of their own through her THE START program.

Within 8 days of launching her Virtual Assisting business, Sara signed her first client, and 2 weeks later she had put in her resignation for her full-time corporate job. Sara learned quickly that the power, freedom and control you had when you were your own boss was addictive!

5 weeks in and she found she had enough clients to replace her 9–5 income, and within months she was scaling her business to 10k months by adding contractors. Sara found herself managing a team of 8 passionate Virtual Assistants, raking in 48k in her first 9 months of operation! Now she runs multiple 6-figure businesses helping women create their own version of success on part time hours, and is able to enjoy the fruits of both her business AND her family milestones.

With her success, Sara’s desire to share her abundance beyond her team led her to launching THE START; a program aimed at cultivating budding and developed VA’s to find their own version of sustainable success. With ‘balance’ at the forefront of her mind, Sara works closely with her clients, using their own unique skillset to build a model that suits their needs and works off their strengths.

In THE START, Sara goes through the whole process of developing a balanced business, from discovering your niche, to creating personalized services that relate to your strengths, and offering comfortably paced, highly actionable lessons designed to help you build a profitable service that aligns with your values and claims that freedom that many overworked entrepreneurs are seeking.

Through Sara’s training, she’s been able to ensure VA’s comfortably land their first clients, fill their rosters and start waiting lists. Her extensive network allows her to constantly provide high quality guidance and hot leads for members of her community.

THE START gave Shatoria Smith the confidence to proudly step out and start her business, and as a brand new VA, she booked 2 clients while still in the middle of the course!

Heather Gibson used THE START to get her VA business off the ground, making 3k in her first month. Now she’s hitting consistent 5k months and is super grateful for the wisdom and support offered from Sara and the likeminded entrepreneurs she met on her journey.

“I believe you don’t have to trade income for happiness, you can have both, and yoga pants are totally an acceptable work uniform!” Sara assures, so leave the back-breaking, self-sacrificing corporate lifestyles behind and achieve the freedom and flexibility you’ve been dreaming of by connecting with Sara Wiles through her website and her Instagram today! If you still want more, you can find Sara co-hosting her weekly podcast, The Happy Thoughts Show!

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