Salt Lake City Local Finds Success in Entrepreneurship and Builds Thriving Business in San Diego

Michelle Whiting
3 min readOct 23, 2020

Jaymie Tarshis is a highly sought-after marketing strategist, entrepreneur, and speaker. She is passionate about helping impact-driven entrepreneurs market and grow their business through the power of Facebook and Instagram Ads. Since 2014, Jaymie has managed over one million dollars in Facebook ad spend. Her campaigns have filled up online webinars, launched books onto Amazon best-sellers list, and generated over 100,000 leads across a variety of industries. As a featured speaker on many online summits and podcasts, including top-rated Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, Jaymie relishes bringing knowledge to passionate people ready to make more of an impact in the world. But things weren’t always this way for Jaymie.

Before starting her own business, Jaymie was working as a marketing director for a large mortgage & real estate firm in Utah. Whilst she loved what she did, she always knew she was meant for something bigger. “After stumbling upon a few videos on YouTube of Marie Forleo, I knew that entrepreneurship was the path for me. She talked about the concept that anything was ‘figureoutable’. I took that to heart, and decided that if I could find one client that would pay me to do their marketing for them outside of my 9–5 job, that I would put in my two weeks’ notice and quit,” Jaymie says. That’s exactly how almost 6 years ago, Jaymie made the leap from a 9–5 life to one of an entrepreneur. And whilst it hasn’t always been an easy road, Jaymie has never looked back since.

“As an entrepreneur with no ‘formal’ training, I’ve had to overcome many challenges along the way,” says Jaymie. From figuring out how to get clients, to learning sales skills, creating systems, growing a team, firing a team, Jaymie (like many entrepreneurs) wanted to quit and give up so many times. “But I always kept going and that’s what has made me a resilient leader and guide for my clients as they navigate growing their businesses and experience all the pains that come along with it too,” Jaymie says.

The drive wasn’t enough to guarantee success though, Jaymie needed a way to stand out from the crowd and deliver a product every entrepreneur needs to grow their business effectively. “When I first started learning about ads, a lot of people were teaching one-size-fits all type strategies that didn’t work. They were out of date with current strategies, missing key information and the support needed to get results,” she says. With clients constantly asking for referrals to advertising courses, Jaymie found that she couldn’t in good conscious recommend anything, because no course she had taken had been effective for her. So, in true entrepreneurial fashion, Jaymie decided to create the solution herself.

Her simple 3-step framework takes all of the guesswork out by walking students through their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns step-by-step. Her program is based on real experience helping clients generate as much as 1500% ROI from a single ad campaign. Jaymie also works with each student to tailor a strategy unique to their business, “because cookie cutter just doesn’t cut it,” she says. Having been through all the Facebook ads courses out there and between the aspects of community, curriculum and accountability, Jaymie guarantees that there is no better ads course on the market, something her clients echo.

Entrepreneurship is challenging, but it is also the most fun and rewarding work you can experience. Don’t let the technicalities get in the way of what you truly love to do.

Apply here for a complimentary strategy call with Jaymie today, or if you want to learn more about her work follow her on Instagram @theadexpert



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