Parham & Associates: She Built a House Around the Table

Ayana Brody Parham, a life coach with many years of experience has recently established a firm, Parham & Associates, wherein she can put her experience to use. Her aim for this establishment is to give room for individuals to grow in their business, relationships, career, and other aspects of life. Parham is pertinent about the build up of individuals and he loves to walk them down the journey of achieving their life’s goal. Hence, the establishment of Parham & Associates.

This firm focuses on building up the emotional intelligence of their clients. It is believed that emotional intelligence serves as a bedrock for other form of intelligence. Every human must be in control of their emotions to do well in business, leadership, relationships, career, and life. Parham & Associates is an executive coach firm that also focuses on guiding people through life and helping them deal with their daily experience.

Parham & Associates partners with their clients and aid them in instituting ethical and positive codes by guiding them through basic necessities as regards their need. A team of experts are on ground to guide clients through challenges in the development of their career, health, and relationships. Parham & Associates is concerned about improving the emotional intelligence and outlook of each client towards life. Certain ethical principles and techniques have been laid down by the firm, which are in accordance to the law. This gives clients the assurance of the legitimacy of Parham & Associates.

Ayana Brody Parham, popularly known as Coach Ham has garnered her experience in helping qualified leaders shine in their prospective field. In the past 13 years, Coach Ham has seen several men, most especially men of colour getting overlooked by their employees when it’s time for promotion. She has seen under qualified men get rewarded for tasks that are not worthy of the reward. Having gone through this experience herself, she decided to start Parham & Associate, an executive coach firm that sees that her clients experience equality and fairness on all sides. The executive coach firm, spearheaded by Ayana Brody Parham sees to the boosting of the morale and confidence of its clients.

Several people out there seek for a platform where they can be who they want to be and impact the world alongside. Many have been denied such opportunities. Parham has however created a platform via Parham & Associates where people can speak out without any filters, and refine those “softskills” in a place that is safe, transparent, and comforting.

Parham is a newly published author The ABC’s of Emotional Intelligence X Leaders. She describes the book as interactive and intrinsic for the aspiring leader. Parham explains, “I want my clients to be able to do the work, with or without me, that is the mark of a great leader. This book was designed for the leader who is ready to grab a seat at the table.” Her book can be found on Parham tells us she is also creating a children’s book for parents to help their young children express themselves in a healthy way. Emotional Intelligence is a wide range of skills that children of all ages can develop and improve. These skills are critical for emotional wellbeing and life success. The book was created for her 2-year old son, to help him understand his own emotional intelligence. “I wanted my son to learn how to express himself in a way that was productive and safe.” said Parham. The emotional and social skills that are presented in the story will allow the parent to help grow their child build on those much needed soft skills for the future.

Currently, Brody Parham hosts a webinar where he shares four primary emotional responses that an individual can fall victim to. She dishes out strategies to her audience on how to prevent, manage and practice these responses from affecting those around them. This webinar is for all interested individuals who are particular on building up emotional intelligence, its strategies and application in various fields. Ayana Brody Parham will soon be hosting an educational webinar on “Emotional Hijacking”. She is consistent in dishing out knowledge to help all and sundry for the betterment of their life.

Parham & Associates continues to create strategies and resources that support aspiring leaders of color, who were deemed unfit to lead based on their companies standards. They provide these leaders, at the onset of their career, a platform where they can develop an awareness of their emotions, in order to manage and respond effectively to the emotions of others they are leading or intend to lead.

Parham & Associates targets the black, brown, and other minorities between the age of 25–55 years old. Oftentimes, these races face injustice at their workplaces. They are often denied promotions, and experiences that will not allow them to increase their performance. Parham & Associates provides a platform to right this wrong via implementing the emotional intelligence approach amidst other strategies. This will allow the future leader to become empowered and intentional about the change they want to make in the world.

Many leaders are unable to recognize, overcome, and cope with negative emotions. Thus, Parham & Associates was founded to incorporate emotional intelligence into the professional world in order to improve intentional leadership, team alignment, remove unconscious biases in the workplace, and create effective team accountability and performance.

More information about the services offered at Parham & Associates can be found on their website.

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