MotivatedBabe Is the Women Empowering Lifestyle Brand Helping Leading Ladies Confidently Live Their Best Life

Michelle Whiting
3 min readSep 30, 2021

Starting a new business or living your dream life as an entrepreneur isn’t something you want to keep on the down-low. You should be screaming it from the mountain tops with all eyes on your bad-ass, goal-gettingself! And what better way to show off to the world that you’re a powerful woman than by wearing it on your chest?

Endeavouring for greater visibility on the female entrepreneurs and go-getters kicking butt daily, Audrey Kandil founded MotivatedBabe in 2019. This eco-friendly lifestyle brand was created with the goal of empowering and motivating women to do the things in life that set their soul on fire. “Our vision is to see women around the world proud of who they have built themselves to be.” mentioned Audrey. “We celebrate the ladies building their own empire and creating the life of their dreams through motivational products.”

MotivatedBabe sports a vast lineup of eco-friendly apparel and accessories that are designed not only to empower their wearers and make an impression, but also to be kind to the planet; with durable materials, water-based ink, and recyclable or biodegradable packaging. MotivatedBabe are committed to creating products that women can be proud to own, just like they’re proud of themselves.

With fresh, funky designs constantly being added, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you within MotivatedBabe’s vast catalogue of products and designs. As a fellow female entrepreneur, Audrey embodies the designs she sources and carefully curates a collection of products that resonate with the fearless women they champion.

Audrey refuses to settle on just creating amazing apparel, too. She’s dedicated herself to building a community of powerful women collaborating together through MotivatedBabe’s Brand Ambassador Program, helping them spread the love and getting rewarded for looking and living their best life! “We love seeing women winning and we want to be a part of your life; with the motivational quotes we share on social media, in your inbox sharing personal encouragement, or in your home with our products.” explained Audrey. “We donate samples, misprints and other extra garments to women in need.

Many successful entrepreneurs often say that you have to live in the future you’re trying to create, and walking that talk is a key aspect of making that future into reality. How amazing would it be to see your affirmations every time you look in the mirror, or take a sip of your coffee? Or even to witness the magic in real time with the smiles of the ladies you talk to who see you rocking awesome apparel that empowers everyone around you? That’s what being a MotivatedBabe is about!

Connect with MotivatedBabe through their website and find a design that sparks joy for you, link up with their Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook social media pages for daily motivation and inspiration, and find out more about their Brand Ambassador program to find a Girl Gang you can proudly represent. MotivatedBabe is here to help you live the fearless fem leader life you deserve!



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