Meet Top Confidence Coach, Christina Lecuyer

Confidence is a key factor in determining an individual’s success and happiness in life. It affects how we communicate with others, how we perform at work, what opportunities we take and how we approach new challenges and levels. Building confidence requires effort and dedication, but the benefits are well worth it for both our personal and professional lives.

Building confidence can be a difficult and challenging process, especially without the guidance and support of a coach or a mentor. Building confidence is like building a muscle; it requires people to sometimes take uncomfortable, consistent actions. Having someone holding you accountable and providing valuable feedback and encouragement, makes all the difference. Without a coach, it can be easy to become stuck in negative thought patterns and self-defeating behaviors, which can actually take a toll on your confidence. Just like many top athletes and executives do to fast forward their progress in becoming the best, it is important to seek out support and guidance for building confidence in the same way.

Christina Lecuyer, a former professional golfer and TV host, named one of the Top Confidence Coaches of 2020, works with a diverse range of clients from around the world, including entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes and Wall Street CEOs. In her 20’s, Christina experienced the challenges of low self-confidence and an eating disorder, but was able to overcome these struggles and create her most purposeful life, which includes a successful business. Through her signature “Decision, Faith & Action” framework, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve profit and success by living in alignment with their purpose.

There are several benefits to working with a coach one-on-one, as opposed to in a group setting. One of the main advantages is the personalized attention and focus that a coach can provide in a one-on-one setting. This can allow for a more tailored and specific approach to addressing an individual’s specific needs and goals, plus it allows for overhead perspective in witnessing patterns and habits that can keep a person stuck and have them not achieve that next level of success they desire. Additionally, a one-on-one setting can provide a safe and confidential space for individuals to share their thoughts and experiences without the fear of being judged. This can be especially helpful for those who feel like they don’t have anyone who understands their situation or those who may feel more comfortable discussing high level or personal issues in a more private setting.

Christina Lecuyer specializes in mindset and strategy to help people build their confidence to take their personal and professional lives to the next level. She is one of the very few coaches at her level who work with clients in a one-on-one practice. She believes that this model provides the long-term accountability and support necessary for sustainable long term results.

Christina offers two different one-on-one coaching models that are suitable for all investment ranges and all people who are ready to Decide it’s their turn to live the personal and professional life they desire! To learn more from Christina, connect with her on Instagram, check out her website or listen to her podcast, Decide It’s Your Turn.

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