Meet the Founder of The Construction Coach, Elinor Moshe

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Elinor Moshe is an ambitious and driven thought leader, best-selling author, podcast host, and businesswoman disrupting the construction industry. She’s the founder of The Construction Coach; Australia’s first construction coach.

As the podcast host of Constructing You, Elinor interviews exemplary leaders and industry titans who dominate the construction business. She’s a 2X best-selling author of Constructing Your Career and Leadership in Construction and her recent release, Young Gun. She ties her distinctive thinking, and uncommon insights with over 8 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, to generate transformative and exceptional results for her clients.

Elinor has been featured in Entrepreneur Asia Pacific, Yahoo! Finance, Australian National Construction Review, and over 50 podcasts discussing her career and business acumen. She holds a Master of Construction Management and Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne.

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Here we sit down with Elinor, to know a bit more about her journey as a construction coach.

Q. Tell us a little more about your journey as an entrepreneur — how did you get started?

Elinor: Two defining events set me on the path I am on today. First was the conception of my vision and what I truly desired to do and have, which caused my first paradigm shift. I realised the person in the vision is not a standard, corporate employee who sits around waiting for the next pay rise and a promotion.

When I realised my vision, I immediately knew I was in the wrong vehicle. I had to get out of that vehicle and build a new one that would enable me to move closer to the vision. At the same time, I was tutoring in construction management, yet most conversations with me immediately turned to career success, not concrete or precast. I saw commonalities in the experiences of those standing at the outset of the industry looking in and knew that I had to reach more people.

There was a problem, and I’d already solved it for myself. It was February 2019 when I asked the universe for a solution, and in April 2019, I got the late-night download: The Construction Coach. I was up until 5 am that morning registering an ABN, buying a domain, and filling a notebook with all that The Construction Coach could impact in the industry.

I launched in May 2020 after ignoring some doubts, and after three years on have clients in five countries, exclusive mentoring collaborations, multiple books, a leading podcast, and a growing community of those who wish to be exceptional, excellent, and exemplary people behind the projects (and another business, but maybe that’s a story for another day).

Q. What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule?

Elinor: The key for me is to identify the tasks that will bring the biggest return and results in my business, and prioritize those first. If there’s no progress on my A-level tasks, then there’s no value or results that will happen.

I combine this with a sense of urgency and organize my day and tasks based on when I work best. Low-level activities are either delegated, or automated, or I attend to them when it’s not my prime time.

Image credit: Elinor Moshe

Q. How do you stay organized with such a busy schedule? What are some time management strategies, SOPS (standard operating procedures), hires, or hacks that have helped you dramatically in business?

Elinor: I have always been strict with my boundaries, and who I will share my time with. It’s a negligible business practice to go out and attend to matters that don’t matter when there are clients, a business, or family, that you have to serve first. I share this principle first, as no tool will matter if there’s no strict principle to address the constraint of time first.

Second, to that, I am clear as to what is worth my time in the business and what isn’t. I won’t generate the greatest value editing my podcast, so I outsource that, for example. The cost of outsourcing is less than the cost and opportunity cost if I were to take that on.

I find many early-stage owners try and ‘save’ a few dollars on the wrong things rather than value their time and seek to buy more time to work on what will create the greatest results.

Q. What is the most memorable thing you’ve done since you started your business?

Elinor: 1. For the human species to know who we really are.
2. Elimination of oppressive power structures that divide and control humanity.
3. No harm done to anyone that cannot defend themselves, like children and animals.

Q. If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

Elinor: I Did It My Way

Q. What motivates you?

Elinor: Motivation is an external force, and inspiration is an internal force. I’m inspired by possibility, of ensuring more and more people see possibility instead of limitation.

I’m inspired when a client gets a breakthrough and chooses to follow their own ambitions rather than the mediocre leftover plans set by someone else. I’m inspired by how expansive our consciousness is and constantly discovering who I am.

I’m inspired by following my ever-expanding purpose and leading from a place where I can show people what’s possible.

Q. What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

Elinor: The best decision I have made for myself is being mentored by Ron Malhotra. There is only a time before Ron, which seems small and in greyscale. And then there is life after Ron, which is living out dreams I didn’t even dream of, and living life in technicolor.

It’s hard to put into words the deep impact someone who is larger than life can have. Because of Ron, I was able to break free of the mediocre shackles and limitations of society and fly out of the invisible cage which binds us to be small and suffocated in our expression.

Now, I get to have a career and life that I held an image of every day for years. Until the end of time, I will be immensely grateful for all of who Ron Malhotra is and what he has done for me.

Image credit: Elinor Moshe

Q. What key activities would you recommend entrepreneurs invest their time in?

Elinor: There is no antidote to neglecting the inner work to expand your mindset and consciousness. Everything happens on a spiritual plane first, yet most people lack any spiritual awareness and how this impacts their reality. It’s one of those key activities that don’t create an immediate outcome, which is why most won’t address that first but will play a tactical game.

I know, as I did just that and because of my mentor, Ron Malhotra, quickly realized how incorrect I was. I also see many enter the coaching or start-up space and take said tactical approach, without spending sufficient time to set the proper foundations of their message, positioning, branding, and so much more.

Most people think that changing the tagline on their social media profiles will open the floodgates to a successful business. Invest your time in yourself first, and that means mentoring as the antidote to bypass the many pitfalls start-ups experience. And empty your cup thinking that you know it all in business. Business is complex, so best learn from those who have the results you seek.

Q. What is your ‘one-sentence’ piece of advice you’d like to give to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur, coach, or business owner?

Elinor: It’s a disservice to the world if you don’t deliver your value and light through your business because of fear and doubt.

To keep up to date with Elinor, connect with her on LinkedIn and Instagram.



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