Meet the Founder of Healing Families LLC, Beth Fischer

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Beth Fischer is the founder of Healing Families LLC where she provides support for people affected by betrayals. Since 2021, Beth has been helping individuals, couples, and families heal from the traumas of infidelity, sex addiction, and pornography addiction.

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Here we sit down with Beth, to know a bit more about her journey as a betrayal trauma specialist.

Q. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Beth: I have always been in leadership roles, and running my own companies was a natural progression from there. Healing Families LLC is actually my 4th business.

Q. How did you get started?

Beth: I was inspired to start Healing Families after going through my own betrayal from my husband. I suffered for over two years with what I now know was Betrayal Trauma. Once I realized what I was going through, I knew I had to create a plan to help other women, and eventually families, work through their trauma faster than I did so they could begin to heal and not only feel better but to create a new life or partnership even better than the one they had before.

Q. What was your biggest startup challenge? What steps did you take to overcome it? What did you learn?

Beth: Unfortunately, there is not a lack of clients who need my services. For me, my biggest challenge starting out was defining how I could help the most people with the limited number of hours I had in a week, and with the limited financial resources of some of my potential clients. Those two factors led me to creating 3 cost-effective, self-guided, online courses to specifically help women heal from their betrayal trauma.

Q. What is the Most Memorable Thing You’ve Done Since you Started your Business?

Beth: The most memorable thing I have done is creating my online courses. Knowing that women from all over the world, from all economic backgrounds, can get the same professional help to support them while going through this horrible experience, warms my heart every day. Betrayals elicit the same trauma responses as PTSD and having these courses let women know they are not crazy, they are not alone, and they have support is what drives me every day.

Q. What is one book you recommend, and why?

Beth: I highly recommend Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules For Life”. For me, this book is simply a great summary of the best practices to follow to live an honest, authentic, and impactful life.

Q. What are your top 3 favourite online apps, tools, or resources and what do you love about them?

Beth: My courses are hosted on so I definitely have to include this one! I also love which is the hosting site where my entire back-office for my business lives. Steven is the owner and his patience with somebody like me, who didn’t even know what CRM stood for, never seems to end! My third favorite would be because my Instagram followers have easy access to all my courses, my websites, and even my calendar to book free discovery calls.

Q. In terms of legacy, what is the mark you’d like to leave on the world?

Beth: I want to be known as the woman who helped families heal and grow after a betrayal. Too many people think that cheating or dealing with a sex/porn addiction means automatic divorce or a lifetime sentence of bitterness and anger. That is what I want to change. There is healing after infidelities. In fact, marriages can actually be better after betrayal than they ever were before this happened and I know this from personal experience. My husband and I have a marriage today that I never could have imagined and that is the message I want to send. And for those marriages that do not survive, the trauma for the woman is still there. In fact, the trauma from the betrayal is compounded by the divorce. I want to guide that woman through her traumas so she can not only heal but can go through a complete transformation while creating a beautiful, exciting, new life for herself.

Q. In one sentence, what’s the best advice you’d give to someone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey?

Beth: I would advise someone to know their client’s pains, struggles, and outcomes they want, and then tailor your product to those key points.

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