Meet Dona Speir — The Inspirational Recovery Expert Helping Thousands Navigate Their Way To Sobriety

Recovering from a substance abuse disorder can be difficult, as the road to recovery can often be a slippery slope. Throughout this journey, it is important to stay connected to only those who will help you make the right decisions for yourself and loved ones. In such circumstances, having a person by your side who understands the true nature of addiction is invaluable.

To help you stay focused on your recovery, hiring a recovery coach, or sober coach, can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. Recovery coaching experts are experienced in helping those in recovery overcome irresistible urges and assist in helping you create and maintain a new and sober lifestyle for yourself. Dona Speir is one such addiction specialist, transforming lives around the globe for decades, one road to recovery at a time.

Dona herself has undergone her own battle with substance abuse. At a young age, she moved to Hollywood to begin her acting career, and soon found fame being featured as Playboy’s Miss March Centerfold. Underneath all the glamour and charm though, lied the bitter reality of life. Turning to drugs as a coping mechanism, Dona soon became dependent upon them as an escape.

One day, Dona realized that only she had the power to take that first step in fixing the destruction her substance abuse had wreaked, both within her own life and her loved ones. At the age of twenty-three, she decided to change the course of her lifestyle, and has never looked back. Defying all odds, Dona is celebrating an incredible thirty-four years of sobriety. The epitome of strength and willpower, Dona has made it her life’s work to help others do the same.

Today, Dona is seen as not only a recovery coaching expert, but an inspiration to thousands who are on their own journeys to sobriety. Also an interventionist, author, and public speaker, in 2019 Dona published her memoir, Naked Truth: The Fall And Rise Of Dona Speir. A breathtakingly motivational book, Dona has penned her journey from victim to a triumphantly recovered strong woman. This book alone is a way forward for many people, aiding them to take charge of their lives the same way Dona had.

Dona expresses her will to change people’s lives in these words, “My life is proof that a life filled with addiction, abuse, and tremendous suffering can be completely transformed into one filled with hope, prosperity, and genuine happiness. With thirty-for years clean and sober, I have defied the odds of the disease of addiction, and I am devoted to guiding others to do the same.”

Dona Speir provides a safe and supportive way for detoxing. As a recovered addict herself, she knows exactly how it feels to be in the victim’s shoes. This experience allows for shared empathy to find a way forward.

To get in touch with Dona, visit her website here. She is also available to connect with on Instagram and Facebook.

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