Meet Ashly Brook, the Social Media Manager

Ashly Brook is the Founder of Ashly Brook LLC, an NYC-based social media agency that specializes in community building for women-owned businesses.

For more details, visit their website here.

Here we sit down with Ashly, to know a bit more about her journey as a social media manager.

Q. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Ashly: I always knew a 9–5 wasn’t for me. I never had the ambition to work for someone else and knew I wanted something I could call my own.

Q. How did you get started?

Ashly: I was a social media manager while in college and later worked in an office. When the pandemic hit I lost both jobs. I took the skills I knew I was good at and turned them into my own business. I was inspired by multiple young women on TikTok who I saw were making a living providing online service-based services.

Q. What was your biggest startup challenge? What steps did you take to overcome it? What did you learn?

Ashly: Imposter syndrome was definitely one of the toughest things I had to navigate as a new business owner. I knew I was skilled, but there was always a lingering feeling that someone out there was doing better than I was. I stopped comparing myself to others on social media. Rather than focus on what I lacked, I became grateful for the state I was in.

Q. What is the Most Memorable Thing You’ve Done Since you Started your Business?

Ashly: The most memorable thing I’ve done since starting my business was inspiring others to do the same. I get tons of DMs from young women telling me how I gave them the courage to start up their own business — a lot of them aren’t even in the same field as me. I even had a client start their entire business because of me.

Q. What is one book you recommend, and why?

Ashly: “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. It’s short, easy as hell to read, and will probably change your life- if you’re open to it. I’m convinced this book relates to any and all industries, is super inspiring, and helps people unlock their creativity.

Q. What are your top 3 favourite online apps, tools, or resources and what do you love about them?

Ashly: I really love Canva, because it’s free and incredibly user-friendly. I get compliments on my graphics all the time and the truth is that I make them on Canva. Notion is my handy little helper. I keep all my best ideas in there and it helps me clearly map things out for myself and my clients. Dubsado has been a lifesaver for all things client management. I can send invoices, contracts, booking links and so much more with ease.

Q. In terms of legacy, what is the mark you’d like to leave on the world?

Ashly: Courage. I’d like to give people the opportunity to believe in themselves, despite what other people might think of them.

Q. In one sentence, what’s the best advice you’d give to someone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey?

Ashly: Sometimes you’ll fail, but never give up.

To keep up to date with Ashly and her journey, connect with her on Instagram.



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