Matt’s Crypto Reveals How NFTs Can Make You a Millionaire

Michelle Whiting
3 min readFeb 22, 2022

When the internet first hit the scene most people thought that it was a fad. This is often the case with big game-changers and the investors who can see the big picture and get in early on these golden opportunities reap the most benefits. Think for a moment. Do you know of any part of life in the modern world that does not rely on the internet? NFTs, according to YouTube Creator Matt’s Crypto, is the new equivalent to the internet and could potentially offer the same type of financial impact for those early birds. In this article, Matt explains the two different types of NFTs and how to profit from them. Matt’s Crypto provides excellent content on all things crypto and NFTs as his 100K+ YouTube subscribers can attest. His Private Alpha Members Discord Group where he shares his personal trades also provides Whitelist Spot opportunities.

Matt’s content is intended for educational purposes only; he is not a financial advisor. Investors are encouraged to complete their own due diligence before proceeding with any financial trades.

The first type of NFT that Matt speaks of is Art NFTs, often used as Profile Pictures. These NFTs are soaring with the introduction from Twitter permitting NFT images to be used as Profile Pictures, verifiable by a hexagon shape. This type of NFT Matt continues is fast becoming a status symbol. He shares an NFT collection example for this, Bored Ape Yacht Club, where celebrity profilers such as Justin Bieber, SnoopDog and Steph Curry are displaying their NFT profile images. Prices for these status symbol NFTs can run anywhere from $250K to several million dollars.

The second type of NFTs are the Utility version. Matt shares a personal example of this type of NFT in action. He was recently looking to attend a local music festival on the West Coast, and Coachella came to mind. The easiest way to find out about tickets was on the internet of course. The starting price was $500, a standard rate for such an event. He then turned his attention to payment options and was delighted to see that he could purchase via an NFT Key from new Coachella sponsor, FTX. These type of utility NFTs provide many options but one in particular stood out, by purchasing an NFT Key through FTX’s NFT platform he would be given a lifetime access for two guests to every Coachella Event.

Utility NFTs have multiple different use cases, such as event tickets, games or access to certain groups and all digitally verifiable through Blockchain.

In conclusion Matt reiterates that NFTs are still in their early stages and encourages investors to spend at least 15 hours learning about this technology. Matt’s Crypto provides a beginner’s guide YouTube video as a good starting point for this endeavor. He also encourages investors not to underestimate the golden opportunity that NFT technology provides and that it’s still early enough to get in.

To receive a more detailed explanation of NFTs you can watch Matt’s YouTube video here:

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