Master The Power of Ads With Lead Ad Strategist and Expert Jenny Parulski of Ads Uncorked LLC

Long gone are the days where social media platforms like Facebook were solely used for social networking. The emergence of digital marketing has forever changed the way people look at social media. Having that in mind, are Facebook Ads worth it? If used wisely, they can be the key ingredient behind your business’s success. From building up brand awareness to acquiring new customers, large and small businesses alike are using ads to gain an advantage.

The process of attracting the right target audience online can spell the difference between building a booming business — and a failed one. Even if you have a steady influx of daily traffic, it won’t amount to much unless you convert that traffic to sales or leads, and nobody understands that better than Jenny Parulski, founder of Ads Uncorked LLC.

If you’re struggling to sell your product and just can’t seem to get good returns on your investments — Jenny is the missing link you’ve been searching for this whole time. She’s the founder of Ads Uncorked LLC and has worked with small businesses and global companies with big names like CBS, Schwinn, and Mongoose alike. When she’s isn’t busy creating leads, you can find her giving lectures at places like the University of Wisconsin-Madison and American Family Insurance Dream bank on the subject of paid social media advertising.

Besides being one of the best Facebook Ads experts out there, Jenny is, above all else, a proud mother and a wife. An outdoor enthusiast who wants nothing more than to enjoy a glass of red wine after a long hard day’s work. Ever since she found her own company, she’s been pursuing her passion of helping business owners and parents get their dreams off the ground and running.

Jenny and her team at Ads Uncorked help product-based business owners grow their business beyond their wildest dream through strategic Facebook and Instagram Ads that have a proven return on investment. They take care of all the analytics, copywriting, graphic design, are continually monitoring their clients’ ads, and developing ad variations to ensure the best return on ad spend. Watch your email list grow by the dozen, and be amazed at the short amount of time it takes to have your entire calendar booked.

Ready to roll up your own sleeves? Check out their Quick Start Guide and eliminate the overwhelm of knowing where to start with the world of Facebook Ads, how to understand your return on your ads, and how to create ads that convert.

Ads Uncorked primarily serves businesses that offer a proven service or product and have websites that convert organically. Shopify is their favorite platform to work with, mainly because the analytics and tracking there are robust. If your website has excellent photos, excellent user experience, and you have an understanding of what it takes to have a website that converts, you needn’t look further than Jenny and Ads Uncorked for assistance with your ads.

Not sure where to begin? Jenny has a video tutorial on how to navigate Facebook Ads Manager and how to install your pixel, and the best part is, she’s offering it for free. One of Ads Uncorked’s main focuses is educating business owners on how to run their own ads while helping them better understand how to get a better return on investment. Make sure to check out their website to connect and see all of their other free resources. Check out their website and social media if you’re interested in finding out more.

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