Marketing Mavericks: Strategies for Success in 2024 from 10 Leading Australian Marketing Experts

Michelle Whiting
12 min readMar 20, 2024

It’s undeniable, the role of marketing agencies has become more crucial than ever! As businesses strive to establish their presence, capture audience attention, and drive growth, the expertise and resources provided by marketing agencies have become indispensable assets. These agencies are the architects behind successful branding, strategic campaigns, and impactful storytelling that resonate with consumers in an ever-evolving marketplace.

As businesses seek to partner with the right marketing agency to achieve their objectives, it’s essential to understand what each of them offers.

Here are 10 of the best marketing agencies you can rely on.

Rita Agoulian, Director of LickYourPhone Media

Rita Agoulian, a vibrant Instagram and award-winning social media expert established LickYourPhone Media, a strategic social media marketing agency driven by a team of passionate experts deeply immersed in the digital landscape. What began as a humble endeavour focused on recommending restaurants blossomed into Australia’s leading restaurant marketing agency.

With an impressive roster of clients including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, TimTam, Krispy Kreme, KitKat, Subway and Cadbury, Rita’s journey is just getting started. Collaborating with industry giants like Insider, LadBible, and UniLad, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Rita Agoulian, named 2023 Woman of the Year in Social Media, infuses her restaurant marketing agency with boundless passion & strategic creativity, earning LickYourPhone Media a reputation as a social media and marketing powerhouse.

We asked Rita Agoulian what her best advice for 2024 is regarding social media marketing, and here’s what she said: “Attention is currency. Every piece of content you post should undergo a critical evaluation: would you, as a consumer, engage in this content? Would the content stop your thumb from scrolling? If not, what reason is there to believe that others would? Moreover, humanising your brand is essential to building a strong connection with potential customers. To do that, I recommend leveraging videos, and unique visuals with compelling, concise voiceovers to capture people’s attention. Also, incorporating influencers into your strategy is non-negotiable; they fuel significant influence and business growth.”

Rebecca Nordqvist, Head of SEO at Excite Media

Rebecca Nordqvist is the Head of SEO at Excite Media, where she spearheads digital strategies to optimise online visibility and drive organic traffic. Excite Media is known for blending expertise with creativity to amplify brands’ messages across digital channels, ensuring maximum impact and visibility tailored to each campaign’s objectives.

Rebecca holds a Diploma in Event Management, an Associate Degree in Theology, a Bachelor of Business, and a Bachelor of Creative Industries — all qualifications she achieved concurrently in four years. Undeterred by the challenges, Rebecca furthered her academic pursuits by completing a Master of Digital Communication in December 2021. Her thesis project, which delved into the comparative effectiveness of AI copywriting systems versus human copywriters, underscores her commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation.

As a marketing expert, Rebecca has a couple of pieces of advice. Firstly, she recommends embracing AI for what it can do. “Use it to analyse data and do mundane tasks that allow you to improve your efficiency, while still embracing your team and their creativity. That said, don’t let your standards drop in the end product. Don’t get set in your ways so that you aren’t able to respond to changes in the industry and stay nimble,” says Rebecca.

She also recommends staying true to your brand and giving it a personality. “Being professional and friendly is important, but to set yourself apart from the never-ending scroll, don’t be afraid to take risks and create a brand that connects to your audience’s own underlying values and experiences,” asserts Rebecca.

Steph Downman, Founder & Director of SD Marketing

Steph Downman provides the innovative energy driving SD Marketing, a full-service boutique design studio dedicated to launching, rejuvenating, and elevating brands. With a focus on small, medium, and large businesses, Steph and her team specialize in modern designs across digital and print media, offering services such as Logo Design, Branding, Social Media Design/Marketing, Social Media Management, and Custom Website Design.

At SD Marketing, they understand that branding is the cornerstone of customer recognition and sales. That’s why they believe in the power of professional design to create lasting impressions and foster trust with your audience.

Steph’s passion for concept development and design is evident in every project SD Marketing undertakes. With a team of dedicated designers and administrative staff, she has successfully partnered with renowned businesses, executed countless successful campaigns, and positioned her clients as industry leaders.

Based on her expertise and track record with SD Marketing, Steph believes that in 2024, success is all about data-driven decision-making, personalized experiences, influencer collaboration, agility, and purpose-driven initiatives. She recommends embracing analytics, personalizing content, working with influencers authentically, staying agile, and showcasing your commitment to sustainability and social media responsibility.

In doing so, she asserts it will be easier to connect deeply with audiences and stay ahead in the dynamic marketing landscape. “Staying in tune with who your followers are and what they want to see is your key to success online in 2024,” says Steph.

Brad Russell, Director of Digital Hitmen

Brad Russell is a seasoned SEO expert with over 16 years of experience in the industry. His journey into the world of SEO began in 2009, a time when keyword stuffing was all the rage for website ranking. However, Brad quickly recognised the value of long-term SEO strategies, particularly for local businesses. This realization led him to establish Digital Hitmen in 2016, where he channels his passion for achieving sustainable online growth for businesses.

Brad’s expertise extends beyond just SEO. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia, majoring in E-Commerce, Marketing, and Information Systems, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape. Moreover, Brad’s SEO proficiency goes beyond business. Leveraging his SEO knowledge, Brad developed and managed multiple websites targeting consumers across diverse brand and product-related search terms, driving significant growth for the company.

Based on his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Brad’s advice when it comes to strategising is to incorporate AI into daily SEO strategies. He recognises that AI is set to transform the way SEO experts craft and refine content. Digital Hitmen has already tapped into AI to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of their SEO initiatives, particularly through two useful tools: a bespoke FAQ generator and a Helpfulness Evaluator. He warns to use AI carefully, though, because they can’t substitute the analytical thinking provided by SEO specialists. The goal should be exploiting AI’s possibilities without undermining the quality and integrity of your SEO endeavours.

Alex Morris, Founder of To The Moon Digital

Led by lead generation expert Alex Morris, To The Moon Digital is dedicated to guiding both new and seasoned coaches through the dynamic landscape of social media marketing. Their mission? To empower coaches to not just survive but thrive in this fast-paced arena. Alex and his team of devoted professionals prioritise authenticity and integrity, ensuring clients’ unique personalities shine through in their marketing efforts.

At To The Moon Digital, collaboration is key. They work closely with clients to pinpoint their strengths, delivering tangible results without resorting to overly complex or automated systems. Specialising in tailored lead generation strategies, they excel at transforming cold prospects into hot leads in record time.

With Alex’s vast expertise, the To The Moon Digital team streamlines the lead generation process, focusing on key metrics and enhancing client qualities to maximise results without draining budgets on unnecessary ad spend. Their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and their fervent desire to see coaches succeed and leave a lasting impact make them a top-tier lead generation agency.

Based on his expertise and long career in marketing, Alex’s advice to avoid joining the “race to the bottom” in such a flooded marketplace is to break the trend of trying to match and beat the guarantees of other agencies. Instead, “Find an offer that truly reflects your business and your unique method. This will make that offer more sustainable and successful, regardless of whatever’s happening in the marketplace,” says Alex.

Stacy Farrell, Founder of Content Box

Established by Stacy Farrell, Content Box is a dynamic marketing and content agency specializing in two core areas: strategic marketing following a strategy-first approach and content development, both written and visual for SME service-based enterprises, many of which are niche industries.

Stacy Farrell’s background in education, specializing in language, literacy and marketing communications, coupled with her experience in educational business development, forms the backbone of Content Box’s ethos. Leveraging her expertise, Stacy ensures that Content Box delivers accessible information that empowers audiences to make informed decisions backed by a well-developed marketing strategy.

Recognizing the transformative power of education, Content Box endeavors to create marketing content that amplifies brands and integrates words and visuals to engage, educate, and inspire audiences. Responsive, affordable, and dependable, Content Box serves as a valuable partner for clients, offering unparalleled marketing and content development services coupled with impressive designs.

We asked Stacy about the most essential insights she wanted to share for 2024, and here’s what we learned. Firstly, Stacy encourages AI-driven personalisation, which can help brands drive more engagement and connect with audiences. “Personalised content distinguishes businesses and offers a more intimate and relevant experience,” says Stacy.

Moreover, she recommends capitalizing on voice search experiences to leverage local search, improve the quality of content and immerse audiences into brand stories that provide unforgettable experiences. “With the rise of conversational queries, optimising your content is no longer an option for businesses, it is essential,” asserts Stacy.

Amy Annetts, Founder of Amy Annetts Marketing

With 25 years of experience in the field, Amy Annetts is an accomplished freelance digital marketing consultant in Australia. She specialises in creating marketing roadmaps for small businesses that need to know where they’re going. Her approach includes guidance on business transformation, ensuring the business is set to maximise marketing investments and take advantage of the opportunities.

Amy Annetts brings a wealth of expertise to the table through her consultancy Amy Annetts Marketing. With extensive experience working with organisations large and small, Amy understands the challenges of implementing marketing across any business.

What sets Amy apart is her unique blend of traditional marketing principles and cutting-edge digital strategies. By focusing on practical, affordable, and achievable marketing solutions, she empowers overwhelmed businesses to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marketing with confidence.

We asked Amy for some strategic insight on what businesses should focus on in 2024 in terms of marketing, and she said, “Aligning your strategy with a flexible business structure is essential. While marketing can ignite vision and momentum, its impact hinges on harmonising with other vital elements of your business. So business owners eyeing transformation should evaluate if their current structure supports or impedes growth.”

She also recommends facilitating collaborative efforts between Sales, Operations, and Marketing. According to Amy, this is essential for lead generation, seamless transactions, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. “For small businesses primed for transformation, optimising the business structure is paramount to maximising marketing investments and achieving sustainable growth,” added Amy.

Christopher Melotti, Owner of Melotti Content Media

What are the attributes that modern marketing needs to have to actually work? We asked the colourful Marketing Consultant, Christopher Melotti — and his answer was shockingly simple yet always overlooked.

Christopher is the Brand Communications Marketer behind Melotti Content Media, a multi-award-winning Sydney content copywriting agency that transcends the boundaries of traditional marketing approaches. With over 20 years of experience in brand marketing and copywriting, Christopher’s passion and expertise shine through in every project he undertakes.

At Melotti Content Media, Christopher’s mission is clear: to help businesses achieve their goals through top-tier content marketing and done-for-you copywriting services that make brands hyper-relevant. What sets Melotti Content Media apart is their unique approach to (what they call) ‘message marketing’. By harnessing the power of relevant messages and strategic thinking, Christopher and his team augment brands with compelling narratives that resonate with customers on a deeper level.

We asked Christopher for his insight on marketing strategies and he said, “The ONLY marketing that truly works has these two attributes in spades:

  1. Deep clarity about your relevant value proposition and point of difference, and
  2. Ongoing consistency to make sure your clear message will cut through and be memorable.”

He added, “Also, just remember that, while AI is great at supporting marketing, clarity and consistency are human attributes. You need humans to temper the emotional empathy over your marketing to get clarity and consistency correct. Apply this, and your business will do just fine.”

Darcy McKenna, Founder and Director of Biz Sites

Darcy McKenna is the mind behind Biz Sites, an award-winning marketing agency dedicated to propelling businesses to new heights through a diverse range of digital marketing services. At just 22 years old, Darcy embarked on his entrepreneurial journey while pursuing his Bachelor of Commerce degree. In a remarkable feat, Biz Sites clinched the prestigious New Business Award at the Illawarra and South Coast Local Business Awards, with Darcy becoming the youngest recipient in the category’s history.

Biz Sites stands out as a complete in-house digital marketing powerhouse, placing a premium on crafting bespoke websites from scratch, without relying on pre-existing templates or designs. Every service offered is meticulously tailored to each client’s specific goals, budget, and requirements, ensuring a personalised approach that fosters success. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Darcy McKenna continues to lead Biz Sites towards unparalleled success in the digital marketing landscape.

We asked Darcy for his best strategic advice for 2024, and he said, “One key insight is the increasing dominance use of video content. Crafting compelling video content that tells a story or addresses customer needs, can significantly enhance brand visibility and foster a stronger connection with your target audience.”

Darcy also recommends optimising your online presence for a successful marketing strategy. “Ensure your website is user-friendly, featuring a clean design, intuitive navigation, and mobile responsiveness. By combining the power of engaging video content with a well-optimised website, your marketing efforts can effectively capture attention, improve user satisfaction, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates,” he asserts.

Sophie Giakoumidis, Manager Director at oa agency

With over two decades of expertise in delivering top-tier digital marketing and optimisation strategies, oa agency stands out as a results-driven SEO firm catering to a diverse array of industries, ensuring significant value for their clients. Backed by a team relentlessly dedicated to turning client dreams into reality, their impressive client retention rate speaks volumes about their efficacy.

oa agency serves as the go-to marketing and SEO partner for medium to large enterprises dissatisfied with average outcomes. Prioritising client compatibility, they meticulously assess potential partnerships, ensuring alignment with their values to deliver bespoke services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

One of the things that set the agency apart is the team’s agility and transparency in campaign management. Their preference for testing various strategies while maintaining open communication with clients underscores their commitment to excellence and providing a personalised experience.

We asked Sophie Giakoumidis, Managing Director of oa agency, for her best marketing advice and she said, “Organisations and businesses are often looking to cut their marketing budgets and advertising spend. While this might seem like a safe option, it’s actually counterintuitive and now more than ever is the right time to double down on your marketing efforts to maintain competitiveness and get your products and services in front of the right customers. Cutting back on marketing budgets in 2024 isn’t just a missed opportunity, it’s a strategic misstep that could hinder your company’s growth and impact its long-term success.”

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