How to Generate Consistent Income by Sharing Your Story and Mastering Your Sales

Michelle Whiting
3 min readJan 29, 2021


When selling online it is easy to come across as monotonous and solely market your offering in hope of bringing in the sales. It is incredibly important to not be robotic but to be extremely transparent, honest and personable.

We spoke to female business and life coach, Ryma Krimi, founder of Entrepreneur Lady Hustler: “ People buy people, so make sure you take your time when crafting your story. Everything must begin with a story and end with a story.”

“You need to know what it is that really makes people buy and why some brands excel at acquiring new clients, and why others fail. You need to know what it is you have to do to be one of those brands that are consistently winning new clients. That’s where I come in to supercharge these driven women.”

Ryma tells us her top tips on how to successfully master your sales.

First, ask yourself some questions

What problem do I want to solve in business?

What does my ideal customer actually want and need?

What will I do to help them understand that I can solve their wants and needs?

Ryma adds: “In my case, for example, I know that female entrepreneurs and professionals are looking to level up while taking care of their everyday challenges. In fact, starting a side hustle is so hard and also could be expensive if you are not willing to educate yourself and really be focused. However freedom is their motivation, and trust me they are ready and they have beautiful ideas too! But they have a feeling of overwhelm, and often struggle to find the right support.”

Who are you passionate about selling your offer?

If you hate the idea of “selling”, or it makes you feel nervous, then you are on the right track! Instead of thinking about how you feel, start with the mindset of focusing on how the customers that you want to attract feel. Selling products and services is the reason your business exists and that selling process does not have to be uncomfortable or unnatural. However, if your attitude towards selling is negative, you are not truly passionate about your business. If you know that your offer really helps people, then that should shift the focus away from you and onto them. At the end of the day, if you have no sales, you have no business.

Highlight your expertise, show people your results

What are your experiences in the industry? Why should someone pick you over the hundreds of others that may offer the same service? Tap into your reviews and social proof your offering.

“After residing in different continents and experiencing many different cultures and traditions, I have the power to understand people on a global level. To make them feel supported and having a great network to tap into, having access to the answers , uplifting their business and making massive progress. Entrepreneur Lady Hustler is a feel good company and I can’t wait to share more with all of our experts and members. Whoever knows me, knows my communication power and empowering people around me is my jam!” Ryma says.

Founder of Entrepreneur Lady Hustler is launching a membership club called Lady Hustler Society Club. This is a space where entrepreneurs can build a support system, as well as receive affordable advice, tips, education and coaching from Ryma and other authorities in the online space.



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