How Angie Manson Conquered Addiction and Helped Others Battle Through Therapy

The ironic thing about reaching rock bottom, is that your next destination will always be up. Some rock bottoms will not only teach an individual to change their life, but would also help inspire countless others to open new doors to a new path. Indeed, when hope is nowhere to be found, confidence and determination to power through hard times can go a long way.

It was a long road down rock bottom for Angie Manson when she was 11 years old. It was during this time that she had been exposed to the use of illegal drugs and alcohol, that started to turn her life on a downward spiral. With a dangerous addiction at a tender age, at the time it seemed like no sort of intervention could help Angie pull through.

“Growing up in the 24-hour town of Reno, Nevada, I had easy access to substances. Intervention by my family on my 16th birthday landed me in jail again, followed by my first experience in a treatment center. Instead of getting clean and sober, I learned to manipulate the system”, tells Angie of her experience.

Eventually, Angie’s addiction only worsened at the age of 18. The consequences of her criminal behavior led to her being sentenced to a 10-year prison term. However, because of one judge who heard her case, her life shifted. Instead of being subjected to imprisonment, she was offered treatment instead.

This is where Angie slowly, but surely, paved her path to recovery.

“A couple of months in, I started working and giving back. For the first time in my life, I developed a passion for giving back to others and realized my true purpose”, says Angie.

And giving back she did.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Elevate Addiction Services, she and her team help alter an addict’s life and help them live a more meaningful and positive existence. The company promotes a holistic approach to get through drug addiction where more than being sober, the goal is to correct the deeper physical, emotional and spiritual dilemma that addiction brings. The environment in which an addict is being fostered is important, that is why Angie and her team provide an atmosphere in which people may get therapy with a culture of mutual collaboration, structure, and support.

Angie, after completing 3 years of probation and working full-time in her treatment and rehabilitation in the past, was given a second chance in life where all her criminal record was erased. It was a completely clean slate for Angie, and she was able to start anew. This is exactly what she aims to impart to her clients at Elevate — a renewed sense of purpose.

In this award-winning addiction recovery center, coaches like Angie believe that every recovery process is unique and has its own timeline. This is why they have tailor-fit programs for every client undergoing different stages and problems of addiction. Some of the unique intervention activities that the center does include meditation, mindful yoga, art & music therapy, adventure therapy, and even physical fitness therapies where they employ CrossFit programs.

To learn more about Angie and the amazing work she does, click here.

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