Grow Through and Bloom Into Your Best Self With Positivity Queen Phi Dang’s New Podcast

Michelle Whiting
3 min readDec 2, 2020

Aptly named ‘Positivity Queen’ Phi Dang has launched a new podcast series named the “Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang”, aimed at helping people to embrace life’s experiences and guide them, through the perspective of clarity and confidence.

The life coach with a community of 10k+ followers on Instagram has devoted her life to bringing out the best in people through the means of mental and emotional mastery, so that her clients can overcome hurdles that have been holding them back in life and progress with their development; be it personal, creative, or career-driven.

Phi doesn’t claim to be a perfect, enlightened being. She wears her flaws and her negative experiences proudly and uses them as fuel to propel her forward in life. What she can boast about is her strong, joyful and resilient soul developed through her ability to rewire her mind; training herself to turn every experience into a chance for learning and growth.

Growing up and being conditioned to follow the “traditional” path of success (study hard, go to university, get a law degree, settle down and buy a house, etc); Phi found herself lost in a vortex of existential doubt, anxiety, and dread following the death of her father when she was 20 years old. With a painstakingly fought for change in perspective, she was able to overcome the negative emotions paralyzing her and keeping her unable to move on with her life, create her own personal sense of success, and manifest that into the world while honing her techniques for breaking out of negative thought patterns.

Embracing her journey of overcoming challenges and emerging stronger, Phi attended the world’s first women’s only Wim Hof retreat; consisting of climbing Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia’s tallest mountain, in only a sports bra and shorts. She participated in cold exposure therapy sessions in order to observe how people cope with difficulties in life, overcoming them using breathing and mindfulness techniques, and has since incorporated her experiences into her every day life and work.

On her website she states “I am not here to fix you, I am here to help you get out of your own way so you can confidently live your best life”, enforcing the idea that everybody has this strength and will for greatness within them, just that sometimes people need guidance and training to help bring it forth. Phi is familiar with those feelings of inadequacy and self-sabotage, and has cultivated her life experiences in order to guide and support her clients trying to unlock the shackles that leave them at the mercy of their own mental and emotional state.

Part of her ongoing mission for sharing her personal development journey is the launch of the “Grow Through It Podcast with Phi Dang” where Phi details key concepts and ideas that have influenced her in her own journey, presenting them in an intimate and digestible manner to promote reflection and inspiration for anybody hoping to take the next step in their personal development journey, or those who just want to keep on top of their mental housekeeping. Her podcast is free to listen to on digital service providers Spotify, Apple Music and Stitcher.

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