Founder of Identity Brand, Monica Kline Supports, Celebrates and Shines a Light on Other Women So They Can All Rise Together

If there is one thing that we can all agree upon, it’s that women play an enormous role in the world we live in. To put it simply — without them, none of us would be here. For as long as we can remember however, there have been pressing issues in society for women. It wasn’t so long ago that the wage gap was drastically bigger, and women weren’t seen fit to work in the perceived ‘roles of men’. Breaking stereotypes in the 21st century, more and more women are breaking the mould and defying the odds, to forge their own paths and create their dream lives. In light of international women’s day, we’d like to shine a light on the women of the world who strive to make a difference in their work. One such founder is Monica Kline.

Monica is the founder of Identity Brand, a full service brand management agency, which takes your idea from concept to launch, successfully building brands based off the latest trends of today. Having spent the start of her career working for Fortune 500 Companies, Monica has seen first hand how the trends have changed throughout the years. Everything that is, except for the way we use technology. “What has not changed is; how we use technology. It is still an integral part of our success, no matter if building a business or a personal brand,” Monica explains.

In 2018, Monica also strategically added “Course Creator” to her repertoire, diving into the $325-Billion E-Learning Industry, to enable her to reach more entrepreneurs, helping them scale and monetize their brands through her online course curriculum and her “do it yourself” methodology to brand building. In Spring 2021, Monica will celebrate 7-years of being in business — quite the feat, considering most small businesses fail within the first 5 years.

Monica’s passion is to guide other women to build their own multi-million dollar businesses, and her work has enabled her to make an impact on the lives of countless women, from all walks of life. Through trial and error and years of experience, Monica has been able to refine exactly who her target audience is, and continue to stay ahead of the trends to serve them at an even higher level. “The one thing that has become more evident while on this journey of entrepreneurship is who I serve as clients. I am a firm believer that like minded individuals make a business partnership magical” Monica explains.

Monica not only has the real world experience that far exceeds the majority in her industry, she is a big believer in being forever a student — adopting the life motto of; ‘you must always be evolving to remain relevant’. “I am a believer in being a forever student and investing in myself and my business to be on the forefront of the trends in my industry. Once I learn and apply them myself, I decide if it is something to add to my repertoire of services, which is exactly how I became a course creator.” Monica explains

As a minority owned, female business owner, Monica has found that diversifying her business to have multiple revenue streams has been the key to her growth — and she does this not only for herself, but for her clients as well. Monica’s ability to think outside of the box, not be afraid to fail and ability to bring other women up, have all been paramount to her success both personally and professionally.

With a focus on empowering and shining light on other women, Monica instills and embodies the belief of, anything being possible — so long as you are willing to go for it.

If you want to learn more about Monica and her work, visit her website and connect with her on social media.

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