Exclusive with Whitney Abraham, Founder of Magnetize

Whitney Abraham is changing the face of the online business category for
women — as THE sought-after business and confidence coach for female
entrepreneurs that run their businesses online.

Whitney’s expertise centers around the science behind building confidence, sales psychology and strategy, and online marketing. In working with hundreds of female business owners, she found that a lack of confidence keeps most women from hitting 6 figures in their business revenue, which only 18% of female founders make. She’s dedicated to changing that number.

She founded MAGNETIZE, the monthly content and coaching membership for
women in business that are looking to accelerate their reach and revenue. Named the Confidence Coach to watch by Yahoo Finance, she’s committed to changing the number of women making significant income on their terms, doing their purpose work.

For more details, visit their website here.

Here we sit down with Whitney, to know a bit more about her journey as a business coach.

Q. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Whitney: I spent a decade climbing a ladder I constantly found myself frustrated on. I’d start a new job, only to 6 months later find myself asking “Is this really it?” It wasn’t until I had children that I realized the true cost of staying in a job I wasn’t passionate about. I ended up starting my first business after the birth of my first baby, and 20 months later, I made up the income I needed to come home. I haven’t spent a single day “bored” since then. Today, I run multiple 6 figure businesses and a booming coaching practice, and now I know that it wasn’t “me” that was the issue. I was simply meant to climb a different ladder than the one that was presented to me.

Q. How did you get started?

Whitney: I started out in the direct sales space, and built a pretty large team. I then got certified as a health coach, and as soon as I started that business it was an immediate success. So many other women in my space were asking me “what are you doing that I’m not doing?” I ended up spending some time mentoring a few others, and that was the beginning of my coaching practice. Today, I work exclusively with women who are running online businesses who are looking to use the internet to increase their reach and revenue.

Q. What was your biggest startup challenge? What steps did you take to overcome it? What did you learn?

Whitney: My biggest start up challenge was my mindset — and it’s the same challenge I see for many of the women I support. Over time, I began to realize just how important confidence and self-trust was to my success, and that’s why much of my work centers around building confidence for women. Women are wildly capable, but they tend to underestimate their value. My work is helping them get out of those patterns just long enough for them to prove it to themselves, too.

Q. What is the Most Memorable Thing You’ve Done Since you Started your Business?

Whitney: 3 years ago, I did an exercise where I wrote out, in vivid detail, my perfect day. From start to finish I illustrated the life I wanted — from waking up to the giggles of my children, to walking them to the bus with my husband, to creating additional revenue streams to allow my husband to leave his job. One day, as my husband and I were walking to the bus stop in the afternoon, I stopped to look at him, realizing I had done it. I had retired him from his 6 figure corporate salary, created the space for impactful work with women I adored, and I was able to be present for the little moments that meant the most. It took me 2 years to pull off my dream. I’ll never forget the way it felt to realize just how in control of my future I was.

Q. What are your top 3 favourite online apps, tools, or resources and what do you love about them?

Whitney: My work is in teaching women how to use the internet to grow their reach and revenue, so it will be no surprise to hear that my recommendations are for free social media platforms that allow you to do just that. Instagram is an incredible tool to showcase the behind the scenes of your work and create conversations with your prospective clients. I also love headway as way to consume personal and professional development books faster (think of it as CLIFF NOTES for books). And personally, I love the human design app MY HD — for daily personalized prompts on living live intentionally.

Q. In terms of legacy, what is the mark you’d like to leave on the world?

Whitney: I’d love to change the number of women making significant income doing work that lights them on fire. I’d love to be a beacon of encouragement for women that are hoping to make big pivots in their lives, but most importantly. I want to change the narrative around women, success and confidence to be one that doesn’t make women feel shameful for seeking it.

Q. In one sentence, what’s the best advice you’d give to someone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey?

Whitney: That fire in your belly is the only real piece of data that matters. You’ll figure it all out in time, so just trust yourself to do so.

To keep up to date with Whitney and her journey, connect with her on Instagram.




Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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Michelle Whiting

Michelle Whiting

Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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