Exclusive with the Professional Coach & Leadership Consultant, Alyssa Charles

Alyssa Charles is the Founder of Alyssa Charles LLC, a professional coach and leadership business based out of Nashville Tennessee that provides professional leadership and life coaching to entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and successful professionals. Since 2021 Alyssa Charles LLC has consistently provided high-value service for clients to achieve transformational results.

For more information on Alyssa Charles LLC, visit their website here.

Here we sit down with Alyssa, to know a bit more about her journey as a leadership consultant.

Q. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Alyssa: At a young age I have always been known as an expert multi-tasker and noticed my gift for authentically supporting others’ goals and dreams while being able to reach my own.

I joined the United States Army, obtained my Bachelors in Healthcare Management, continued on to obtain a Masters in Healthcare Administration, and am currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. I have always pushed myself to continue to learn and grow and was inspired to create my own company because I simply want to support as many people as possible by showing them their goals are obtainable if you commit to putting yourself first and staying consistent with the process.

Q. How did you get started?

Alyssa: As a leader in my professional career, I coach individuals on a daily basis and found through my college experience I adopted the mission of passing on my knowledge of management and leadership for upcoming professionals coming into the field with the desire to train leaders to be more effective and stronger. I then was introduced to the idea of a Life Coach, where I obtained a certification as a Professional Coach with the desire to have the education behind my passion. With my extensive leadership background, I have the ability and rounded knowledge to get clients focused on achievable goals that will add confidence and value to their lives.

Q. What was your biggest startup challenge? What steps did you take to overcome it? What did you learn?

Alyssa: The biggest obstacle for starting a business was that I needed to have the confidence to allow myself the room to fail or succeed. I knew I wanted to give back on a larger platform so I brainstormed endlessly about the direction I wanted to focus on and how I was going to narrow down what services I wanted to offer. I feel passionate about both individual coaching but also know I have a knack for leadership and building teams. I decided to combine both of my passions into my business which has given me a creative platform to fulfill both goals. Once I had the business plan together I just kept moving forward each day and before I knew it, I had a successful website, an increase in followers, new resources to support my business and a growing clientele. What I learned from this process is, if you have goals and have the dedication and desire to achieve them, nothing can stop you. If there is a road bump, go around it or find a way through it!

Q. What is the Most Memorable Thing You’ve Done Since you Started your Business?

Alyssa: The most memorable thing I’ve done since starting my business is when I signed on my first client. I remember the preparation that went into creating templates, creating structure, and having that first call because I wanted to make sure I was providing services that were best suited for her and would be the most impactful. This client was a successful professional who was also pursuing a PH.D. After a month into coaching I received an unexpected email from her saying she was so thankful I came into her life at the moment I did. She shared intimate details of how she never received support from family or friends of her dreams and thought for the first time she could finally achieve them. From that moment I felt a fire burn inside me to make my company successful and at that moment I knew I was on the right journey.

Q. What is one book you recommend, and why?

Alyssa: One book that I recommend is Brene’s Brown dare to lead. This book provided confidence through leadership perspectives and also introduced me to the courage to continue on my path while embracing the knowledge from mentors.

Q. What are your top 3 favourite online apps, tools, or resources and what do you love about them?

Alyssa: Tops 3 favorite online apps, tools, or resources include LinkedIn, Squarespace, and Paypal. LinkedIn has provided a professional networking platform in the sense of the ability to connect with other professionals in a more accessible way. I especially like the flow of ideas, support, and discussion in a professional manner which encourages me to embrace new ideas. Squarespace is my go-to for everything regarding my website and schedule. The scheduling enhancement allows clients to book their own appointments, reschedule, and set reminders all without having to call me! I use Paypal for my clients and find it is an extremely accessible and convenient platform for both myself and my clients.

Q. In terms of legacy, what is the mark you’d like to leave on the world?

Alyssa: This is interesting because often I think about what legacy I want to leave. But realistically, I don’t necessarily want to leave a legacy as long as I was able to impact as many people as possible and have helped change their lives in a positive way. Sure, would I mind having a statue of me.. you bet! But realistically, my priority is to serve my clients and hope they pass on the knowledge to others.

Q. In one sentence, what’s the best advice you’d give to someone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey?

Alyssa: The best advice I would give to someone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey is to take the leap, you can do it, set goals, make deadlines, and celebrate when you meet them because you have to be your own motivation!

To keep up to date with Alyssa, connect with her on her LinkedIn.




Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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Michelle Whiting

Michelle Whiting

Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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