Exclusive with the Holistic Weight Loss Coach and Registered Nurse, Lori Aloisio

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Holistic Weight Loss Coach and Registered Nurse Lori Aloisio has made it her life’s work to help and teach other ladies struggling with weight loss problems.

She is showing you that there are more sustainable options that are pain-free and work with you on your journey, rather than make you feel like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle against yourself for progress.

For more details, visit their website here.

Here we sit down with Lori, to know a bit more about her journey as an entrepreneur.

Q. Tell us a little more about your journey as an entrepreneur — how did you get started? What inspired you?

Lori: Healthy And Free Life were created out of my passion for health and well-being. In 2015 I received a bachelor’s degree in health care and I started to work as a registered nurse.

However, I noticed pretty fast that I would rather help people prevent disease instead of just suppressing symptoms. Then I started to study Alternative Medicine and Nutrition.
Nowadays I have helped over 1000 women manifest weight loss and live their best life.

Q. What’s one thing in your routine that you do consistently that has made a huge difference in your personal or business life?

Lori: I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction and therefore feeling good is my number one priority. If it’s not a whole body yes it’s a no. In my work and also in my personal life I don’t believe in hustle and struggle in order to be successful. Especially for us women, it is important to listen to our bodies and also work in alignment with our monthly cycle.

Image credit: Tanita photography

Q. Who are your mentors and inspiration? and what knowledge or insight did they give to you that was valuable?

Lori: My whole holistic health journey started with a book I read written by Deepak Chopra. Learning how the body and mind are connected changed my life forever and I became very passionate about it.

Becoming aware and conscious was also a big part of my journey and I read some books by Eckhart Tolle and also Ram Dass. I learnt a lot about how we can heal our bodies and life from Dr Joe Dispenza and also Louise Hay. Whenever I need some motivation I love listening to Abraham Hicks.

Q. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Lori: For me, it’s always amazing to see how my clients are not only losing weight but also transforming their whole life. Many of my clients are also manifesting new job opportunities, new relationships, more abundance and other positive changes in their life.

One of my favourite moments was when a woman I worked with for three months lost 40 lbs and also manifested $10000. She realised that she was afraid a healthy lifestyle would cost too much and she could never sustain it. When we removed this limiting belief her whole life changed. This really shows how everything is connected and how powerful we are.

Q. How do you market your business, and which tactics have been most successful?

Lori: I am very present on all social media platforms. I love talking about my work and giving interviews. I also have a blog that drives traffic to my website. People find me through all of the above.

Q. What have been your biggest failures or challenges?

Lori: For me the most challenging time was when I was still working as a registered nurse and I wasn’t allowed to help my patients in a more holistic way.

I knew that I wanted to work for myself, preferably online, but I had no idea how. At the perfect time, I stumbled across the term health coach and I looked more into it and realised that I was perfect for this job.

Image credit: Tanita photography

Q. How did this failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

Lori: Being a registered nurse, having a Bachelor's in Health Care and also having studied alternative medicine and nutrition gave me the perfect foundation to be a health coach.

I worked in a healthcare station and I helped many overweight patients live healthier lifestyles. Now I am able to help women lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way all over the world.

Q. If someone was to create a TV show about you, what would it be about and what would it be called?

Lori: It would probably be called ‘’Aligned’’ and be about how to live a healthy, blissful and aligned life. For me, alignment is the most important part of living a healthy, happy and abundant life. I believe we all have an inner knowing and guidance system.

Nowadays society is all about forceful action and a ‘’no pain no gain’’ lifestyle. However as we can see in the world right now, this just creates a lot of chaos and destruction. Women are also completely out of sync with their bodies and have lost the connection to their cycle and nature. In my TV show, I would guide people back into alignment so they are able to live the life they truly desire.

To keep up to date with Lori and her journey, connect with her on Instagram.



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Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.