Exclusive interview with Emma Naylor: Leading Life Purpose + Career Coach

Emma Naylor is a London-based accredited life coach, NLP master practitioner + holds a Global Business and Marketing Degree.

Emma has worked in both start-up and corporate businesses for over 7 years, across various sectors, industries, and roles.

Her passion and purpose in life are to get you waking up daily, full of gratitude, living your life to its full potential. To help you remove those feelings of worry, judgment, and fear, and to help everyone uncover their true career calling, and to be excited to make it their reality. 5 years ago, she was in exactly the same position and now she is here to help and guide other professionals through the journey of growth!

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Here we sit down with Emma, to know a bit more about her journey as a coach.

Q. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Emma: I have always known I wanted to work for myself! Growing up my Dad was self-employed and ran his own business. He was a huge inspiration for me, and still is!

I always struggled to work for someone else, and I didn’t like the concept of exchanging my time for money and growing their business when I could be growing mine. I have always found it hard to put in 111% if I am not truly invested in the business, and I think it’s hard to be invested when you aren’t fully reaping the rewards!

During my time working in big corporates, scale-ups as well as start-ups, I knew there was more for me than what I was doing. Every day I felt that I was not living in my true alignment, things felt hard and I knew there had to be more to life than sitting in a job that did not fulfill me! I started my journey of self-discovery when I got sober nearly 5 years ago and it all changed from there.

Q. How did you get started?

Emma: Just over 5 years ago, I hit rock bottom. With my mental health. With my work. With my relationships. With my drinking and my partying. I was fully burnt out!

My journey started not as a business idea, but as a journey of self-discovery. I never in a million years thought I would become a coach. From where I am sitting now, it is very clear that it is what I should have always been doing!

I love coaching and training teams, which is exactly what I did in my 7 years working for other companies.

Once I started my own journey, I knew I could help others to live a more aligned, fulfilled, and happier life.

Q. What was your biggest startup challenge? What steps did you take to overcome it? What did you learn?

Emma: My biggest challenge was the internal battle in my head! The fear of failure, the self-sabotaging behaviors, the limiting beliefs, and the lack of confidence I had!

I had to do a lot of work on myself to overcome these fears and blocks. This is why I am so passionate about coaches having coaches (I have had 5 this year!). We are always growing, and new challenges are arising. Every time we level up in life, blocks come up that we have never faced before.

I learned that I am always learning. It never stops. You don’t get a certificate to say you have completed self-development. It is an ongoing amazing journey, filled with highs and lows.

Q. What is the Most Memorable Thing You’ve Done Since you Started your Business?

Emma: I remember 2 days after getting qualified I signed my first client!

Looking back now, I remember their discovery call like it was yesterday. When they asked me the next steps, I was in shock that someone actually wanted to work with me!

It was the greatest feeling in the world. Sending that invoice and receiving payment was such a surreal moment. All of the stress of studying, the years of self-discovery, and the long days in my previous companies were all paying off.

It is a moment I will never forget!!

Q. What is one book you recommend, and why?

Emma: Untamed by Glennon Doyle. A wonderful friend recommended it to me this year. I read it in 2 days, cover to cover.

It is the most tender, soulful, loud, and beautiful book I have ever read. I cried. I laughed. I learned.

It is a wonderful read, and even if it’s not your story, there are so many relatable moments that will get you thinking.

This book is your permission slip to let go of the world’s expectations of yourself and step into your true self.

Q. What are your top 3 favourite online apps, tools, or resources and what do you love about them?

Q. In terms of legacy, what is the mark you’d like to leave on the world?

Emma: That anything is possible. I wasn’t the smartest, the coolest, or the one that everyone thought would be very successful in life.

Having adversity in life is your superpower. I want to inspire everyone to use theirs!

Q. In one sentence, what’s the best advice you’d give to someone just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey?

Emma: Just keep moving, Take imperfect action. You won’t ever feel 100% be ready, but feel the fear, do it anyway and trust yourself. You know what feels right. Don’t follow the crowd!

To keep up to date with Emma and her journey, connect with her on Instagram.



Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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Michelle Whiting

Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.