10 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch out for in 2022

Gone are the days where entrepreneurship was dominated solely by men. In recent years, more and more female entrepreneurs have entered the market to innovate with fresh ideas and pave the way for others to do the same.

There’s no shortage of amazing success stories from wonderful, empowered women. Their impact on business is undeniable and they’re making a huge difference.

If you’re interested in learning more about the female entrepreneurs to watch in 2022, today we bring you a complete list! We will introduce some of the most promising and inspiring female entrepreneurs, and the unique services/products they bring to the table.

Whitney Cicero

Passionate female entrepreneur Whitney Cicero is the founder of Whink Creative Agency, an influencer agency like no other that works solely for brands. Whitney has created a fresh, hands-on boutique approach and her agency specialises in helping big brands find niche influencers to get a boost on social media.

Whink Creative Agency has become very popular among brands such as See’s Candies. Not just because they have an amazing roster of influencer talent, but also because they save brands over 70% in influencer rates. One of the things that define this agency, according to Whitney, is that they do the heavy lifting for brands.

The team behind Whink Creative Agency handles the task of seeking the perfect influencer for brands. Additionally, they help clients manage the ever-changing social landscape so their efforts can be successful. Every aspect of the campaign is managed by experts so brands can enjoy fresh content and improve their marketing channels.

Whitney has created an agency without comparison and she’s truly innovating the industry with her services. Whink Creative Agency acts as an in-house influencer marketing team for brands that are ready to explode on social media. Essentially, they become the dedicated staff that will handle all aspects of influencer marketing. This way, brands can elevate their strategies and enjoy the best possible outcomes.

Monica Kline

A woman redefining her industry, Monica Kline is not one to shy away from a change. Beginning her career in the Consumer Electronics space for Fortune 500 companies such as Toshiba and Canon, Monica was not afraid to re-evaluate what she wanted from life and dive in head first. From pivoting into the beauty industry and climbing the corporate ladder from marketing manager to vice president, to starting her own business amidst one of the toughest times in our world, Monica has never let fear of failure stop her. Rather it’s been the fuel to her fire.

“Thinking outside of the box and not being afraid to try new things and FAIL have been the recipe to my success,” she says. Monica also attributes this to the motto she lives by; “You must always be evolving to remain relevant.” As the founder of Identity Brand by Monica Kline, she brings 27-years of real life, hands on experience in Branding, Marketing, Sales and Public Relations to the table. A full brand management agency, Monica takes your idea from concept to launch, to successfully build your brand using today’s trends.

“When comparing how far we have come with technology, I have definitely seen trends come and go. What has not changed, however, is how we use technology. It is still an integral part of our success,whether it be building a business or a personal brand,” says Monica. With a passion to help other women build their own multi-million dollar businesses, Monica lives and breathes the notion that anything is possible if you are willing to go for it.

Tiffany Cheung

Successful female entrepreneur Tiffany Cheung is dedicated to empowering women around the world to declare financial abundance and freedom. She is The Business Activation Coach, host of the Social Reset Podcast, Headmistress of Business Activation Academy, and two-time published author. Tiffany helps her students launch and grow their coaching business so they can serve people and make a difference.

Detoxing from wounded masculine strategies and systems of oppression in business is key to all female entrepreneurs. Tiffany facilitates that process and teaches women how to create their own Secret Sauce while embracing flow, ease, and attraction. Her approach to coaching combines mindset work, magic, and manifestation. This way, her students can build aligned and thriving businesses.

Tiffany doesn’t just teach students how to execute strategy and take empowered action. She also guides them so they can connect with their business spiritually in a co-create way, which is much more effective than just focusing on lineal growth and upward trajectories. In other words, she helps students fall in love with their businesses.

Additionally, Tiffany enables her students to access their own genius (their magic, their Secret Sauce) instead of following the status quo. She doesn’t believe in competition, a concept pushed by the oppressive, systemic structures of capitalism, industrialism, and the patriarchy. Instead, she believes there’s room for everyone to win and receive abundance, so she shows her students the way.

Susanne Venaas

Passionate manifestation and law of attraction coach Susanne Venaas is the owner of Susanne Venaas Energy Alchemy, where she helps clients with their transformation and growth. She is an International Spiritual and Intuitive Life Coach based out of St. Albert, Alberta Canada. Additionally, she is a regular Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine and host of The Rebel Soul podcast.

Susanne works both in-person and online, so she can connect with people all over the world who are looking for support. She considers wellness to be an integrative approach to mind, body, and spirit. Her services are focused on helping people transform completely so they can live their most abundant, successful, purposeful, and soul-led life.

She offers an 8-week program of her own making called The Soul Path, where she works intimately with clients. Susanne encourages personal growth and supports clients every step of the way. She uses the structure of the program and her unique intuitive guidance to navigate people’s limiting beliefs and resolve them.

This is how she helps people connect to their soul purpose, reconstruct their self-worth, and live life more passionately. Susanne’s lifetime experiences, knowledge, and skills allow her to provide value by encouraging deep change that lasts through clients’ lifetimes. This way, they can achieve fulfillment and lead happier, more purposeful lives.

Angie Manson

Angie Manson isn’t your average CEO. Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Elevate Addiction Services, Angie is responsible for the lifesaving journey to recovery many undergo. Having gone through her own battle with addiction, Angie has made it her mission to help others with a second chance at a new life, the same way she was offered one.

Winning multiple awards, Elevate’s success as a licensed rehabilitation centre is largely thanks to Angie’s passion to help others in the community who may be struggling to get their lives back on track, as well as focusing on building lasting healthy habits as opposed to just detoxing. “By engaging in physical activity and putting effort into challenging my body, I found this was the key tool for me to also redevelop my mind and reshape my life for the better,” says Angie. “So I thought this additional means of recovery could greatly improve the recovery of others as well.”

Incorporating a holistic approach to their services, as well as publishing numerous resources for those seeking help as well as their loved ones, Elevate also employs physical therapy as a means to recovery. One of their locations even houses a licensed CrossFit gym as an alternative outlet to help others recover from their addiction in a non-judgmental approach that makes sure everyone can recover at their own pace, with no pressure to recover instantly. Working every day towards the success of others, Angie continues to be inspired and inspire the change we want to see in the world.

Meryem Arpaci

Specialising in Magnetic and Authentic Personal Branding, Meryem Arpaci is a passionate female entrepreneur who’s dedicated to helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients faster. Meryem’s approach to personal branding is fresh and unique, based on a wealth of knowledge and over 20 years of experience.

Meryem understands very well what it takes to create outstanding results because that’s exactly what she has been doing for over two decades. She is all about branding, customer experience, leadership, and increasing revenue so clients can reach their full potential. Working with Meryem allows clients to break free from overwhelm to build a profitable online business with the power of authentic personal branding.

When she decided to leave her job and follow her true life purpose, she realised it would take her years to build the business she wanted. This motivated her to discover the fastest and most effective way to attract ideal clients. This marks the birth of the MAS method, a bespoke methodology that leverages magnetism, authenticity, and high-level branding so clients can learn to attract and retain high-value clients without struggle.

This methodology is a huge part of her Magnetic Brand Accelerator Program, which is unlike any other and provides clients with outstanding value. Meryem’s mission is to help clients live the true purpose of their lives and reach their goals by creating an empowering legacy that makes a positive impact on the world.

Dr. Lori Doddy

Passionate female entrepreneur Dr. Lori Doddy is making waves in the weight loss and health industry. She is the owner and CEO of Lori Doddy Lifestyle and the creator of 5 TO THRIVE, a 12-week weight loss program for professional women. Being female in high-pressure careers makes it difficult for them to reach their weight loss goals. This program provides them with the methods they need for eating well, exercising, and reducing stress so they can get their health back on track.

Lori provides a customised approach that’s unlike anything else on the market and fits easily into busy schedules. 8 years ago, she was battling anorexia, yo-yo dieted, and suffered debilitating migraines. All while being a college Vice President and raising her children. Though she was determined to get healthy, she couldn’t find a sustainable, healthy program for busy women.

That’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands and create 5 TO THRIVE. Her proprietary methods help clients reach unprecedented success and maintain it. They don’t only lose weight, they also improve their physical and mental fitness, and learn to manage soul-crushing stress. Her program involves no deprivation, restrictions, or endless hours at the gym.

Lori’s coaching, methods, and tools are unlike anything else in the weight loss industry. Using her SHE eating approach and CPR exercise method allows women to learn to lose weight, increase their energy, and improve their confidence and overall health. Additionally, her program addresses the root issues so clients can enjoy long-lasting and sustained well-being.

Joanna Sherrow

Inspiring female entrepreneur Joanna Sherrow is the Founder and Creative Director of SavvyChic Design, a Design and Marketing agency that provides a wide range of services to small businesses and course creators/online educators. They take care of clients’ website design and development, branding, graphic design, and social media management needs so they can thrive in the digital space.

Joanna is a Philippine immigrant with a background in sales and marketing. She longed for connection, so she decided to use her years of experience and focus on Networking Marketing. Then, she focused on learning about personal branding online, which is how she obtained her design skills. She soon realised she had a passion for graphic design and, ultimately, this is what opened doors to the entrepreneurial world.

She used her personal branding skills to create her own brand and build an audience. Joanna created her own graphics and people started to notice them, asking if she could do that for them. This is how SavvyChic Design started. At first, she only worked with social media graphics, then she moved on to branding, and eventually she learned website design.

Today, she is a skilled and creative designer who enjoys helping clients develop their brands. Joanna is entirely self-taught, so she has become an expert problem-solver. Challenges don’t stop her, they inspire her. The legacy she’s building is one of resilience, perseverance, dedication, and kindness. Female entrepreneurs don’t have an easy journey, but it’s one worth taking and Joanna is an inspirational force.

Chanelle Farah

Experienced and passionate female entrepreneur Chanelle Farah got started at the early age of 16 when she became the Founder and Creative Director of not one, but three lifestyle fashion labels. She’s building her own fashion empire with the Sydney-based labels Only Her, Only Him, and By Her. Each one is a celebration of sophistication and confidence in every individual.

Chanelle carefully curates limited collections of womenswear, menswear, and intimate wear to help customers be unapologetically themselves. She does this from her home office, which became her warehouse, and it’s where all the magic happens. She offers high-quality pieces with an affordable price tag that can be worn up or down, day or night and are lifetime pieces.

Fashion is the main thing that Chanelle has always been inspired by and she wants it to make a difference. Each of her collections is meant to bring the community together, make fashion more sustainable, and help people express themselves. Additionally, she’s passionate about inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs in the industry.

As a highly successful female entrepreneur, she is honoured to be a reference for all the gals who want to build something of their own. Whether in the fashion industry or outside of it. Chanelle lifestyle brand is about more than catering to men and women who appreciate fashion, it’s also about inspiring them to work on their dreams.

Ayana Brody Parham

Expert executive coach Ayana Brody Parham is the Founder and CEO of Parham & Associates Executive Coaching. She’s a graduate of Bennett College for Women and Argosy University and she has over 10 years of experience in professional development, management, and executive coaching. This allows her to offer truly valuable and effective services.

Ayana is driven by her passion to help people find meaning in their work. Her focus is on disadvantaged and marginalised groups in the workplace who want to achieve more. Through Parham & Associates Executive Coaching, she helps them seek jobs that will feed their sense of purpose. Additionally, she helps current managers advance the company’s mission through purposeful efforts.

This agency is women-owned, minority-owned, and disadvantaged-owned, so everyone involved understands what it’s like to be stereotyped and held back. One of the things that set Ayana’s company apart is they specialise in emotional intelligence for vulnerable groups in the workplace.

As a coach, Ayana becomes an ally and she helps clients find ways to grow. She does this by enabling them to understand themselves and others while also learning how to contribute more fully at work. All this without losing who they are in the process. Parham & Associates Executive Coaching offers an effective 12-week program designed to help people climb the ladder, lead with purpose, and achieve their objectives.

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing female entrepreneurs to continue to watch as they make their mark on the world.




Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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Michelle Whiting

Michelle Whiting

Copywriter, publicist & entrepreneur. Passionate about sharing empowering and informative stories from thought leaders across the globe.

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